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About Spark: 

One day she’s an ordinary seventeen year old, grieving for her mother. The next, she’s a Shield, the result of a decades-old experiment gone wrong, bound by DNA to defend her best friend from an unknown killer.

The threat could come at home, at school, anywhere. All Evie knows is that it will be a fight to the death.

And then there’s Jamie. irresistible. Off-limits.

Happy July everyone! As we speak I’m heading down the south coast to stay with my grandparents. No internet, but I’ve scheduled some blog posts ahead of time – The Loony Teen Writer stops for nothing! It also means I’ll have lots of time to write, since NaNoWriMo has started. I’ll be back on Saturday to catch up on all your blogs and social media.

Today I have a very exciting interview with Rachael Craw, author of Spark. The review for Spark will be up in the next few days, so look out for that. In the meantime, here’s the interview!

What sort of research did you do for Spark?

I poked around on Google looking at DNA, brainwaves, physics stuff, talked to sciency friends and made them explain things to me with very small words and then basically went crazy making things up.

Your version of making things up seems pretty scientific if you ask me! Speaking of which, if you were a mad scientist and could give people different traits (like the ones that make people Shields and Strikers) what trait or ability would you give yourself?


(Watch out guys, we’ve got a new Matilda on our hands)

Who’s your favourite character in Spark?

Ack! That is such a mean question! You’re going to make me choose? Hmmm. Aside from Evie, my protagonist, I would pick Miriam her aunt. Miriam is loving, funny, tough, ruthless, fully committed to doing everything she can to protect Evie, and willing to make incredible sacrifices for her. (And of course I love Kitty, Evie’s best friend, who is hilarious).

All the characters are incredibly awesome – I love Kitty as well! What was the most difficult part of the writing process for you?

Roadblocks. My plot would knot itself into some impossible mess and it was always tough finding a way to untangle it and move forward. However, it did teach me to trust the process. There is always a solution, always a way forward. Even if it means cutting 2 characters (which I did! Evie’s dad and a rather dishy, fine arts graduate with an Irish accent named Gabe. He gets a wee nod in my short story, Kill Switch which is on my website)

*Dashes off to read about Irish boy* Your website talks about the different career aspirations you’ve had (from air hostess to actress!). When did you really start wanting to be an author?

For the record the air hostess aspirations were from when I was about 8 or 10! I always wanted to write but I never saw it as a possible career choice and doubted my own ability and self-discipline to ever pursue it seriously. I guess I found satisfaction for my love of words in teaching English literature. I wrote scripts for amateur theatre and some screenplays for my own amusement because I loved dialogue so much. It wasn’t until my third child was born that the itch to write seriously surged to the surface, 5.5 years ago when I began writing Spark.

Your website also says that you’re a big fan of music during the writing process (can you tell I’ve been reading your website yet?). If you had one song to sum up Evie’s character, what would it be?

Crumbs … on my Spotify playlist for songs I relate to Evie my top pick would be Micro Cuts by Muse from their Origin of Symmetry album. Not so much the specific words, though they could relate to many things regarding her feelings about Affinity, Jamie, and feeling a bit like she’s losing her mind in the process but more the feel of the song, it’s so angsty and torn up, a real storm of a song, filled with drama and pent up emotion.


And finally, is there anything – anything at all – you can tell us about the next installments, STRAY and SHIELD?

In book 2, Stray, you get to see Evie go through orientation at the Affinity Project compound. She is put through gruelling interrogation, training, tests and is stretched to the limits emotionally, physically and psychologically. Her relationships are put under tremendous strain. The title is significant for reasons I couldn’t possibly divulge without entering into spoiler territory! Bk 3, Shield will focus on confronting the injustices endured by the genetically engineered.

It sounds SO exciting and I can’t wait to read the next installment. Thanks so much for answering my questions, Rachael, and I wish you all the luck with your writing!


5 thoughts on “Spark Blog Tour: Interview with Rachael Craw

  1. Congrats to Rachel for the book’s release! I’m kind of seriously excited for this book now. xD XD I love the cover and omg, Rachel is SUCH a nice person to chat with on twitter! Great interview, Em. 😉

  2. Bahaha I loved Matilda growing up! 😀 I definitely want telekinesis. I want to be a writer (not full-time, probably), but I do feel like it’s not going to get me anywhere. 😦 Congratulations to Rachel for publishing her book! It’s definitely going on my TBR.

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