June in review: turning 17, assignments galore and finishing The Daisy List

This month

– I drowned in a billion assignments

– Turned 17 (I still feel 16, though)

– Finished the second draft of The Daisy List

It’s a glorious 71,120 words and it took me about six months to write. Soooooo long. And I rushed the ending, but that’s okay! Now that it’s completely rewritten I just have to revise it…but not yet. SO not yet.



– Read at least 8 books (check! I read 10 books)

– Review at least 8 books (check! I reviewed 11 books. Click on them to go to my review)

the minnow wintergirls tiger lily more than this

every word proper the girl who circumnavigated hate is such a strong word hold still

amy and roger's epic detour writing clementine the probability of miracles

– Read at least 2 books by Aussie authors (check! I read Hate is Such a Strong Word and How to Convince a Boy to Kiss you. Also, Spark is by a New Zealand author but that should count as well!)

– Read at least 2 books that I bought for myself (I read one…but that’s okay because school holidays are for reading)

– Finishing read Cait’s MS (yeah…school kind of got in the way of this one. But I’m reading it over the holidays, so Cait, if you’re reading this, I will be done soon!)


– Finish the second draft of The Daisy List (CHECK CHECK CHECK I’M SO EXCITED TO HAVE FINALLY DONE THIS)

– Send out some queries for Mutual Weirdness (check, but at this point I’m about ready to give up on it, or at least shelve it for a while)

– Brainstorm for Wanderland (check…although very lacking.)



– Read at least 12 books – I’m on school holidays so this should be achievable

– Review at least 8 books

– Read at least 2 books by Aussie authors

– Read at least 2 books I bought for myself



– 50,000 words for Wanderland as part of Camp NaNoWriMo. That is all. I think that’s enough of a writing goal, don’t you? Wish me luck! I’ll be posting regular updates at the bottom of my blog posts 🙂



the girl who circumnavigated the probability of miracles searching for sky

All three of these are AMAZING. All four-star reads (no fives this month) but, like…really GOOD four-star reads.

How was your June? Mine was awesome despite being busy, and hopefully I get through July with my sanity intact. Year eleven is QUITE different to year ten. So yeah – how was your June?


13 thoughts on “June in review: turning 17, assignments galore and finishing The Daisy List

  1. Congrats on a successful month!! 😀

    I turned 17 in March, but I still feel 16. xD It takes me like a whole year to remember my age. 😛

    My June was busy, and stressful, so I’m super glad it’s now the holidays! (Despite the amount of school work I still have to do haha.)

    Best of luck with your Camp NaNoWriMo story! 🙂

  2. Wait wait wait…NZ is NOT (I repeat NOT) like Australia. So no. No points there. 😉

    And doooon’t worry so much about my book! Gosh, you’ve read more of my stuff than I have of yours. xD Heeey, but does this mean I get to finish the Daisy List??!! *puppy dog eyes*

  3. It’s funny how the ‘filler’ birthdays just don’t seem to affect. I turned 19 in May and I still feel 18 😛

    Don’t give up on Mutual Weirdness! I may not have read it, but from the blurb it sounds like it’s got all the qualities a top YA contemporary needs.

  4. OMG I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY? Happy Belated Birthday, Emily!!!

    Also wow, 11 books is a lot. O_O *high five* 😀

    Love the gif and yay for NaNoWriMo! I only took part in the official event last month and none of the other things that came up but I do have some ideas floating in my head for this year so I want to get started on planning things out but haven’t had ‘time’. 😛

    I hope July will bring you more 5 star reads though! 🙂

  5. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMILY!! ❤ (When was it, btw?) Don't worry, I'm 14 but I still feel 10. 😀 And everyone I meet thinks I'm 12. Congratulations on your draft! I bet it's an awesome story since you worked so hard on it! And it's so awesome you and Cait are reading each others' stuff! (I'd love to, you know, steal your manuscripts.)

    I hope July's an even more awesome month for you! ❤

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