Book Blogger Envy

If you are a book blogger, there is a good chance you’ve been visited by the Green-Eyed Jealousy Monster of Books.

Or you might not. This post isn’t for you, angels of book-blogger-dom, because you have your priorities sorted. This post is for people like ME when these things occur:

– We see people’s Stacking the Shelves and OH MY GOSH how did they get that ARC???


– We see people’s hauls from Book Expo America and OH MY GOSH why wasn’t I born in America?

– We see people’s recaps from author events or book signings or book blogger gatherings and wish we could go to those.



I’m here to tell you that there is hope.

Every time I’m jealous of someone’s book haul/attendance at an event/abundance of comments on their blogs/whatever (which isn’t that often anymore), I remind myself that there is always something to be excited about. For me, I used to get the most jealous over people who had SOO many ARCs and review copies. Not so much anymore, because dude, imagine having to read and review all those things? Some bloggers have PILES AND PILES of books to review, and I think I would freak out if it were me.

My blog has grown a significant amount in 2014. I receive review copies from lovely publishers and have the opportunity to participate in blog tours. I’m far from the smallest blog out there. But I think even the biggest bloggers have suffered from some sort of blogger envy, and honestly I don’t think it’s worth it.

For me, the best part of book blogging is the community. If I didn’t have an amazing group of bloggers to flail with and discuss books with, there wouldn’t be much point in reading them to begin with.

I appreciate each and every book that publishers send me. Every single one, because I know how much time and money is spent on sending those out to reviewers.

I appreciate every single comment I get from authors. Some of them are so so nice and I love talking to them.

I love reading recaps on awesome bookish events. I wasn’t able to attend PTALive Sydney this year, and though I was pretty jealous for a little bit, I got over it quickly, because there will always be other opportunities.


Receiving books for review isn’t a right.

And 99.9% of bloggers I know are aware of this, and grateful of it. Review copies are privileges, bonuses of being reviewers. Not something we can claim for doing nothing.

For the most part, I don’t get jealous anymore. Someone got an awesome ARC? I’ll read it eventually. Someone went to an author signing? They’ll have another one, someday. Someone’s blog is better than mine? Not possible.

Jooooooooking for that one by the way.

I guess we just have to remember that we’re all in this together.

Yes, I had to go there.

Yeah, so, we’re all in this together and what’s important isn’t who has the awesomest blog, or who gets the most ARCs, or who goes to the most book events. It’s not a competition. I’m sure I’ll still get jealous every now and again, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind.

And now, I’ll get down off my soapbox.


Do you ever get jealous of other bloggers? How do you deal with it?


42 thoughts on “Book Blogger Envy

  1. I’m a relatively new book blogger (I just started receiving copies for review from “big-name” publishing houses like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), but yeah, I’m jealous of bloggers who get to meet authors. Or when there’s a signing but I haven’t read the author’s books yet (a little off topic, I know).
    And yeah, I’m definitely jealous of the people who get ARCs of popular books, like the ones who ARC-Ed (is that even a word? It is now.) THE HUNGER GAMES or HARRY POTTER.

    I just got two books in a week to review—my gosh!

    I love all the authors and publishers who are willing to send me their wonderful books—and I love it even more when they ask ME to review them! 😀

    Book bloggers unite! I love the community… Although how you manage to do one blog post and several books a week PLUS school still confuzzles me.

    • Well go you! The start of blogging is always the hardest, I think, because it’s like…should I ask these publishers for books? WHAT IF I ANNOY THEM? Oh wow, imagine people who got ARCs of Hunger Games/HP. That would be insanely amazing. Maybe they didn’t even print ARCs, though…plus, Hunger Games wasn’t that popular at the start.

      I don’t know how I manage school/reading/writing/blogging/work either. It’s a mystery.

      • I’m always terrified of them not approving my request! I try to find lower books on the popularity list to request, and sometimes, I’m terrified to ask at all. Though there’s a surprising amount of authors around who ask for their books to be reviewed…

        Yep. My mom always says I just blog. And yet I still manage to do all my schoolwork. Someone should write a mystery novel!

  2. Once in a while I get jealous when other book bloggers get ARCs… but then I remind myself that in addition to the cool books (like the Lunar Chronicles <3), they also probably read some very "meh" stories. So. It's not a big deal to me.

    …actually, what makes me jealous is the number of comments some bloggers receive! I've been blogging for close to four years and don't have anything close to the number of followers and comments that some other newer bloggers have… very odd. Oh, well. I shall persevere. xD I'm in this whole blogging thing because I love writing, not because I want to become famous.

  3. *raises hand guiltily* I do get jealous. I get ARCs pretty frequently and I’m REALLY lucky about this and I appreciate them endlessly…but oftentimes I’m reading books I don’t really love and not reading the ones I DESPERATELY want to. It’s a quandary. I still think it’s a huge privilege to get arcs, even if I haven’t asked for them. It just sucks to never get the ones I particularly ask for. But at the end of the day? Hey, I got an ARC of Cress before! And Sinner! And even if I only, like get one ARC that I really really want…IT’S STILL WORTH IT. I’m absolutely honoured to get free books. I mean, omg, it is a dream come true. ^-^

  4. *de-lurks* Yeah, I get jealous sometimes. Sometimes it’s because of blog designs and sometimes because of ARCs. Honestly, I’m not too obsessed with ARCs unless it’s a book from my favorite series or something. I don’t want to get ARCs just to get them, because then I’m stuck reading a bunch of books I don’t like.

    Like someone else said, I get really jealous of followers! Mostly because I’m a new blog, so no one comments, and I sometimes feel awkward writing posts where I’m addressing my imaginary readers. It’s like I’m talking to myself. xD I don’t care about being famous, I just want someone to talk to.

    • Yay, de-lurking! You’re free to de-lurk any time 🙂 Oh yes, blog designs…there are some AMAZING ones out there. But I’m happy plodding along with my free WordPress theme for now. It’s so true about not wanting ARCs just to get them – I only request books that I’m REALLY excited for!

      Haha, at the beginning of my blog I was talking to nobody as well. But commenting on other people’s blogs and on Twitter helped me a lot.

  5. Awesome post Emily! I think a lot of bloggers have experienced this, whether they mean to or not. It’s inevitable that there will be someone getting that ‘latest and greatest’ upcoming ARC which maybe you didn’t, and a normal reaction to be just that little bit jealous. Over time, this feeling does fade as you come to realise that yes – like you said, there will come a time to read it one day. Getting review copies definitely is a privilege, not a right, and once they do start piling up it can at times be daunting to get through the pile! (although I guess that goes for any type of TBR)…

    In the end, regardless of how many followers you may have, the number of review copies you get or how ‘popular’ you are on social media – it IS all about sticking together. We all share a common goal and should do our best to embrace our love for books by supporting each other! 🙂

    • I thought so too! So I’m glad it’s not just me 🙂 but yeah, I don’t think there’s any point being jealous of other bloggers. I will just flail with them about getting an awesome book instead. Review copy TBRs in a way are more daunting than others, I think, because publishers spend time and money on those copies D:

      The community of book bloggers is my favouritest, and I’m so glad to be a part of it ❤

  6. I am a very new book blogger, and I don’t always talk up about books, so I don’t really get jealous of other blogs, because most of the blogs that get the most review copies, followers and comments are written by bloggers that have worked hard for a long time. I just remind myself to be patient, because I know that if I work hard over time, I’ll get close to the same place as well.

    • That’s really true as well. Some of the bloggers I see have worked for months on their blog designs, blog buttons, and spend SO much time on each blog post. I also spend a lot of time, but not as much as some others. Blogging IS hard work, but it’s so worth it in the end 🙂

  7. Yeah, I’m guilty of it! I’ve gotten some awesome ARCs and author interview stuff, especially so early in my blogging career, but there are sometimes when I see a book that I’m really pumped for that I get jealous of ARCs. And I live in a rural part of the US where pretty much no authors ever visit because there aren’t any big cities around – it’s like a dream to get an author visit for me! But I really like blogging and it’s so much fun to keep progressing over time.

    • I think it’s particularly when I was more of a new blogger, when I didn’t get any review copies/ARCs at all. I guess I was pretty impatient as well! There aren’t many author visits near me, either, since I’m about an hour from Sydney, but I like seeing recaps on social media 🙂

  8. Great post, Emily! I think it’s really important to remember that there’s always going to be other events we’ll be able to go to and we’ll have time to read all those awesome ARC’s when they’re published. I do admit that I get jealous at times, especially when I see awesome book events and author signings, as there isn’t a lot here in Australia. At least compared to America.

  9. Yeeeeess!!! THIS BLOG POST IS SO TRUE.

    I used to get book-blogger envy a lot. And though yes, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that — it’s true! But that was before I started blogging frequently, and before I realised that what the hell was the point of being jealous? Where was that jealousy going to get me? Nowhere, of course. I’m still not very popular, but I sure am growing — I have more followers and comments and whatnot. And I’ve also been asked to be part of a blog tour later this year (!!!!) which is pretty exciting. And funnily enough I wasn’t that jealous during BEA time. Okay, so maybe a little, but more than that, I enjoyed looking through people’s Stacking the Shelves posts to see what awesome books were going to be released this year. 🙂

    Great post!

    • Hey, I fully admit it as well!! I used to talk to myself in my blog posts because I had no commenters, but then I got more active in the community and The Loony Teen Writer is steadily growing. Well, more than steadily. It’s jumped a huge amount since the beginning of the year, which makes me happy that people are willing to read my twaddle 🙂 I loved looking through BEA stacking the shelves posts as well!! All those books…

      I definitely want to go to BEA one day 🙂

  10. I’m biting my lip right now and wincing, but also smiling 😀 because you summed up my thoughts exactly.
    I see a lot of comments on one post and momentarily feel this *pang* of jealousy at their number of comments on one post or their followers or something like that…
    Aah guiltiness 😛

    • Yay! I am a mind reader! Oh yes, I see some blogs with like 100 comments on one post and I’m like O_O but then I realise how much a pain it must be to reply to them all…or worse, to not reply and feel like you’re letting all those commenters down! It’s a trade-off, really 🙂

  11. I used to get really jealous, but I’ve become a bit more laid back as time has gone on. I still see others get ARCs I want, get jealous then I tell myself I’ll read it anyway and I’ve got PLENTY to read in the meantime! Great post!

  12. I think I just remind myself that in the end, I’m just doing this because I love to read, regardless of whether I make it big or not. I love doing what I’m doing and no amount of jealously can stop that.

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  14. This post is absolutely wonderful Emily. 🙂 I think it’s SOOO important to focus on the positive feelings rather than any jealous feelings we might have. I think you’ve mentioned some really great points about the reasons not to be jealous and how to overcome those feelings. In the end, we’re doing this out of fun and out of our love for books, and nothing can really stop that, right? xD Thanks for sharing Emily, and FABULOUS post! ❤

    • Thank you so much 🙂 positive thinking is important. And having fun is even more important (according to MOI, anyway). And book blogging is so much fun! I love flailing with other bloggers about how awesome a newly-released book is, or even a book released ages ago that I’ve just discovered.

  15. I think it’s quite normal to be jealous of things, I think wanting things we can’t and don’t have is very human of us and we wouldn’t strive to be better at things without jealousy. Getting jealous over ARC’s can be very normal, I know that personally I get jealous, but then I remember that if I was meant to get it, I would have, or maybe the publishers have declined me because they’ve looked at similar books and thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, so haven’t tried me. Other blogs, I used to get very jealous over, but now, if I find myself jealous, I change sometimes, I make it better, newer, different, changeable, and I make sure that the little differences make the biggest impact. Envy is important as well as jealous, but as long as it’s not taken too far 🙂

    • Definitely – it’s not something confined to book blogging, it’s everywhere, and I think too much of it can be really damaging to relationships with the community. So now, I’m mostly just pleased for my fellow bloggers, because what’s the point of being jealous of them? We’re all in this together after all 😛

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  17. This is an awesome topic, I must admit I do get blogger envy sometimes but when I look at my review pile and what I’ve achieved I am happy. BEA and Comic-Con on the other hand, definitely envy there. I love how you reminded everyone what is important, that we’re all a part of an amazing community.

  18. I always try not to get jealous, but I honestly can’t help it. Especially with us living so far away from everything, it’s hard not to when most authors are from America and overseas, meaning…… hardly anyone comes here. At the moment, I’m really jealous of the ARC copies of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, I think I would sell a few fingers for a copy of that 🙂 haha kidding! maybe…… But in saying, you are completely right, we’ve got such a big Aus Blogging community here, and I keep seeing all these new events as well, like the one coming up at Kino, as well as PTA and the Blogger Laini event in September (OMGGGGGGGG). I’m always happy (ecstatic) though with the books that I get accepted copies for. Aussie publishers are the BOMB 😀 Plus we all love cake, and that’s got to count for something!

  19. Awesome and very heartfelt post, Emily! I used to get jealous of bloggers when I was starting out. I wanted to be so much like them and to have the same amount of ARCs and be in the know of which upcoming book is going to be awesome and which one is going to be flat-out meh. But it was tiring to constantly feel that way, so I’ve changed my perspective then. I simply worked hard for my blog, built my own following, and I slowly received my own review copies. I feel so silly getting so jealous over them when right now with my copies it’s so hard to find time to read them! LOL!

    Faye at The Social Potato

    *giggle* Great post. I’ve not got much to add, since I’m not really a reviewer, but you re so right about appreciating the chances we get. I recently won a print copy of an agented author’s book, and I took a chance when giving her my address and asked if she’d do an interview on my blog, which is something I never do because I don’t have the guts to ask published authors for interviews 😛 Luckily she agreed. 😀

  21. I used to get jealous of all the cool ARCs but now, I just think about my TBR pile. And how I’m never going to get through it before that cool ARC comes out. And then I feel better haha! 😛

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