Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas: I NEED HEIR OF FIRE

Title: crown of midnightCrown of Midnight

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Genre: YA high fantasy

Length: NOT ENOUGH PAGES. Okay fine. 420.

Published by: Bloomsbury

Source: library


From the throne of glass rules a king with a fist of iron and a soul black as pitch. Assassin Celaena Sardothien won a brutal contest to become his Champion. Yet Celaena is far from loyal to the crown. She hides her secret vigilantly; she knows that the man she serves is bent on evil.

Keeping up the deadly charade becomes increasingly difficult when Celaena realizes she is not the only one seeking justice. As she tries to untangle the mysteries buried deep within the glass castle, her closest relationships suffer. It seems no one is above questioning her allegiances—not the Crown Prince Dorian; not Chaol, the Captain of the Guard; not even her best friend, Nehemia, a foreign princess with a rebel heart.

Then one terrible night, the secrets they have all been keeping lead to an unspeakable tragedy. As Celaena’s world shatters, she will be forced to give up the very thing most precious to her and decide once and for all where her true loyalties lie…and whom she is ultimately willing to fight for.

So originally I was going to give Crown of Midnight 4.5 stars. Because, I don’t know, maybe I thought it was too big of a leap from Throne of Glass to Crown of Midnight. But the more I think about it, the more I realise it DESERVES ALL FIVE WONDERKITTIES.



Before I read this, I re-read my review for Throne of Glass.

I’m pretty sure it’s one of the worst reviews I’ve ever written. I was really busy that week or something. That might explain why I didn’t enjoy reading it so much. Here’s a quote from my review:

“It was also a little…boring.”

Like. WOW, Emily. Thank you for your STUNNING intellect. That is such an amazing critique of the book’s faults. No WONDER you’re a book blogger. My own review didn’t give me any idea of what it was about, but I gradually remembered. For instance, I knew I liked Chaol over Dorian. I just didn’t remember WHY. But luckily I am still pro-Dorian.

Wow, I have so far managed not to even talk about the book yet. Let’s do that.



My three main quibbles about book 1 were that

1) Calaena wasn’t particularly butt-kicking

2) We didn’t know much about Calaena’s past


3) The pace was pretty slow at times

ALL OF THESE THINGS WERE IMPROVED UPON. We got to see Calaena as the awesome assassin she really is. I mean, she goes kind of crazy in this book. Plus, we gradually find out more of her past, which was really nice. There wasn’t a dull moment – there was constant action.

Plus. There were feels.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Although I suppose The Fault in Our Stars is like my favourite book. Hitting me in the feels is one way to ensure I love a book, apparently. Weird.




There was a lot of magic in this book. Much more than the first one. There was Mort, the door-knocker thing, who was very funny, and we find out some things about Dorian as WELL as Calaena, and the king, and I just…I really like magic, okay guys? This one was chock full of it.

There were twists and turns, I didn’t know who to trust, I yelled out loud at a particular point (because WHY WOULD SARAH J MAAS DO THAT TO ME??) and also, the ending.

I just.

How can you end a book like that? It’s not fair. IT’S NOT FAIR, I TELLS YOU. You can’t unveil something like that and then just finish the book. It should be illegal.


I need Heir of Fire.

Seriously. I also need The Assassin’s Blade. *runs to library*

I am so glad I loved this as much as I did. Now I won’t be attacked by fangirls. Also I can do some flailing. FLAIL WITH ME, PEOPLE. I know I am late to the party but I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED.

I fee like I have used an inordinate amount of caps in this post. Oh well. At least you’ll be able to feel my enthusiasm.


Rating: 5/5 Wonderkitties


29 thoughts on “Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas: I NEED HEIR OF FIRE

  1. YAY OMG I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT!!! *flails with you* I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH AND I’M GLAD YOU’RE CONVERTED. Oh…oh, but The Assassin’s Blade hurts. I mean, like absolutely causes physical pain. I pretty much sobbed. It’s about Sam. SAM. I LOVE SAM. I love Sam probably as much as Chaol and that’s saying something. I love Dorian too…but you know, CHAOL. And Sam. Poor poor little Sam…okay, okay, I’m done now. I agree that Celaena didn’t kick enough butt in book #1 and she more than made up for it here. Plus it’s still funny, plus there’s still chocolate cake. What did you think about the end though?!! DID YOUR MIND BREAK APART??! MINE DID.

    • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM THAT I LIKED IT. I’ve been warned about The Assassin’s Blade, though. Sam. Like, Sam. It already hurts. CHAOL is better, obviously. Although apparently there’s a new guy in Heir of Fire…? Oh well, Sarah J. Maas can brainwash me however she likes, I don’t really mind. YES. I did notice the chocolate cake. OH MY GOODNESS THE ENDING HOLY MACARONI WHAT EVEN.

  2. Hahaha awww Em, so glad you enjoyed this one! ToG was a little slow, but I enjoyed it heaps because I’d read The Assassins Blade novellas when it was out promoting the book. The back story and kick-assery from that really helped in setting up the pace and world for book one. CoM REALLY blows you out of the water because it’s just action, action, action. I can’t wait till you read HoF. IT’S SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!!

    • See, maybe I should have read The Assassin’s Blade first. I’ll definitely pick it up 🙂 CoM was SO SO SO much better! Like, two Wonderkitties better! That’s…what, 40 percent? Crazy. SO jealous you’ve read Heir of Fire, I can’t wait to read it 🙂

      • I KNOW! Once my TBR shortens to only stretching around the world 1,000,000 times, perhaps I will 😛

        Don’t worry about not posting it! You’re very busy (a book reviewed almost every day? = lots of work), but I just thought it would be fun to see what your shelves look like 😀

  3. I am really iffy about reading books involving lots of magic. However, I love books that hit me in the feels; who doesn’t? I also love books that keep me guessing and shock me with the ending. This is a huge maybe for me. I’ve heard so many great things about it, but ugh, the magic! Hehe. It’s okay about the caps. I ALSO USE CAPS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS WAY TOO MUCH WHEN I TYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh wow… a James Van Der Geek gif 😀 Okay – the Dawson’s fan in me is all excited just over that.
    I’m so glad you loved this book, Emily! I saw you tweeting about it and was so happy because I love when people love the books I love. You’re going to ADORE!!!!! Heir of Fire. I finished it a few days ago and I’m still reeling 😀

    • LOL. I didn’t even know where it was from. I just get my gifs from Tumblr 😛

      Hahahaha I did go a bit crazy with my tweets. And my messages to various people extolling the virtues of the book. HEIR OF FIRE OH MY GOSH I CAN’T WAIT 😀

  5. You know the sentence in which you were like ‘Thankyou for your STUNNING intellect Emily’ That reminds me of something I might say to myself when I’m reading an old particularly horrible story of mine 😀
    Ooh, you’re review wanted to make me read this book faster. You know, move it up the 100,000 TBR stair book escalator 🙂 I will have to get to this series quickly. *scrambles to get the e-book*
    I’ve also actually tagged you to do the Bookshelf tag, but looks like Sabrina Wolfheart beat me to it 😀 Oops, looks like you’ve been double tagged!

  6. YESSS I WAS totally wrapped up in the world after Crown of Midnight, especially after all of the Celaena x Chaol moments! *SQUEALS* This one was SO much more epic than Throne of Glass, and the action and everything was awesome! AND THE FEELS! Great review, I can’t wait to hear what you think of The Assassin’s Blade!

  7. Yes!! Finally, you have been converted. I officially welcome you to the dark side 🙂 CHAOL!!! ❤ I loved every bit. In Assassin's Blade, you will definitely learn about Celaena's past, and I'm reading Heir of Fire now, and I LOVE IT ALREADY!! Great review 🙂

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  9. Gaah this review is making me want to run out and get Crown of Midnight so badly. But every time I look, the bookstores never have it. And it really sucks because I have an ARC of Heir of Fire sitting on my bookshelf. 😥 I think I need to live in your library because mine never has any cool books. I’m really glad you loved this one though! Hopefully Heir of Fire will be just as amazing! 😀

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