Top Ten Tuesday: characters I’d want at my lunch table


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Each week there’s a different Top Ten list. It’s a great way to find and connect with other awesome bloggers.

Warning: you’re about to encounter the weirdest lunch table ever.

We probably wouldn’t all fit on a table. Especially not with the vibrant personalities of some of these characters. But anyway, let’s get to it!


1) Luna Lovegood

Luna’s one of my favourite characters EVER. I think we would have some pretty awesome conversations.


2) Hermione Granger

Also one of my fave characters. If Luna was zoning out or looking for Blibbering Humdingers, I could talk to Hermione about Elf Rights or…I don’t know, our Transfiguration homework (I now attend Hogwarts. It’s a thing).


3) Etienne St Clair from Anna and the French Kiss

You’ll just have to imagine Etienne because I don’t have any gifs. But out of all the books, he’s my favourite guy. I just love his sarcasm.


4) Josie from The Intern

The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer is HYSTERICALLY funny, and Josie is such a relatable MC. I loved her to bits. We could have fun exchanging stories about clumsy things we’ve done (for example, I once got my hair stuck in the cake beaters I was using. Yeah…)


5) and 6) Hazel and Augustus

Provided they were both well enough on this particular get-together (DO NOT SAY A WORD), I’d love to have them both. Hazel is so sweet, and Gus is just hilariously pretentious. Isaac would also be fun to have around.


7) The Mad Hatter


He’s just such a FASCINATING character. I’d love to have him at my lunch table.


8) Hans Hubermann

Aka Liesel Meminger’s Papa from The Book Thief. He is one of my FAVE CHARACTERS EVER. He’s so lovely, and he plays the accordian, and I’m sure he would have a lot in common with us young’uns (??).


9) Alaska Young

This is Alaska from Looking for Alaska. She’s such an intriguing character and I would LOVE to have her at my lunch table, just to talk to.


10) Lyra Belacqua

Lyra is from His Dark Materials, one of my FAVOURITE SERIES IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. She’s fierce, and smart, and brave, and it would be so cool to have her at my awesome lunch table.


So there you have it!

It’s a pretty eclectic lunch table if I do say so myself. All these people would be so interesting to talk to. And of course, I’d hope that they would all get along with each other. Hey! That gives me an idea. I should totally do a blog post on people from different books who I ship together…


Which fictional characters would you have on

YOUR lunch table?


25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: characters I’d want at my lunch table

    • RIGHT??? People totally need to rave about it more, because it is one of my favourite series ever. You should totally read it again. Oh yes, The Amber Spyglass is so awesome – I love the religious aspect and the sci-fi/fantasy blend and it’s just…amazing 🙂

  1. Well this is a very diverse lunch table. My lunch table at school last year was this big. We could barely fit everyone and all of our backpacks and lunch bags. The Mad Hatter would be a good lunch table friend for me, but only if he was the Lewis Carroll kind and not the creepy Tim Burton kind. Hans Hubermann would be awesome to have at my lunch table too. We’d have free music and he’d be really understanding. Liesel would make it even better.

  2. Wow. A fantastic diverse table. I have Luna Lovegood on my table this week too. I imagine she’d be a very fun character. You’d have very entertaining lunch times. The Mad Hatter is a great choice!

  3. OMG, WE BOTH PUT THE MAD HATTER ON OUR LISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frabjous minds think alike, yes?????!!!!! I also put down the Queen of Hearts as well…DON’T JUDGE ME I HAD A GOOD REASON (although, wanting to steal her axe might not be the BEST one, heh heh).
    Harry Potter isn’t much of a surprise 😉 I had Luna and Hermoine as well as Fred and George who I just COULDN’T leave out…*sigh* I bet I’m not the only Lister (totally a word) that had to resist the urge to plaster the WHOLE Harry Potter world in their posts…I RESISTED…somewhat. Hehe.


    My TTT(the long way as I’m feeling to lazy to do the fiddly html, *yawns*):

  4. That’s definitely an interesting lunch table! I mean you have an adult sitting with y’all. Why do you think he’d go back to school though. And if you’re actually going to hogwarts, that would mean everyone on your table is right so that you could all hang out with each other during lunch, which would also mean that you could probably cure Gus by magical means (???). Hmmmm this could be interesting. AND CHANGE THE ENDING TO THE AMBER SPYGLASS *goes to a corner to bawl her heart out* *comes back*


    His Dark Materials was an evil series.

  5. I can’t believe I missed this Top Ten. Dang. This would’ve been fun to do :/
    I totally approve of Luna. I only know her from the movies (I know, I’m awful), but she’s always seemed so interesting to me. Weird and creepy, but in a good way. (If that makes sense.) Talking to her would be great.
    ALASKA YOUNG. Wow, I’d love having her at my dinner table. I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself from asking a bunch of questions, though. Not that I think she’d answer any, but I’d have to ask, you know? Just in case.
    Otherwise, I’d totally talk to her about anything else.

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  7. Can I please sit at your lunch table? It would be so much fun! Especially with Luna, Hermione, Etienne, Anna, Hazel, Augustus, The Mad Hatter, Hans and Alaska. ❤

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