August Recap

What happened in August?

– I got to 70,000 words on my WIP, Wanderland (it’s going to be verrrrry long!)

– I ended my self-imposed book-buying ban, and acquired a beautiful copy of Alice in Wonderland as well as one of Dangerous Girls and The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet. Buying books is a big deal for me!!

– Our school had a walkathon and a Multicultural Day – those were both lots of fun

– I started a new thing on the blog, “book blurbs from titles,” which maaaay become a regular feature. Although I’d need a better name. Any suggestions??

ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just a TAD excited.

– I also read my 100th book of the year. And then…quite a few more.

My goals for August were to…

– Read at least 8 books (check! I read 16 books. These are the books I read)

let's get lost butter half bad wildlife the cinderella moment

mara dyer crown of midnight hate list the book of days isla and the happily ever after

the evolution of mara dyer the summer of kicks everybody sees the ants 2 are you seeing me dangerous girls the rapunzel dilemma

– Review at least 8 books – check! Click on the pictures to see the books I reviewed:


head of the river let's get lost the cinderella moment half bad

crown of midnight mara dyer hate list  the summer of kicks

– My writing goal was to get to 70k, which I did! YAY.

My Goals for September

– Read at least 8 books

– Read at least 2 books by Aussie authors

– Review at least 8 books

– Finish Wanderland


My favourite gifs from this month








Books of the Month

isla and the happily ever after dangerous girls crown of midnight

Isla was, of course, amazing. I’m still waiting on my sister to hurry up and finish it so we can review it together.

Dangerous Girls blew my freakin’ mind. And that is not easy.

Crown of Midnight was waaaaaay waaaay more than I expected. MAGIC AND ASSASSINS AND CAKE, OH MY!


Some Posts That I Liked


I’m going the narcissistic route and naming my OWN posts that I liked writing. One of these days I’ll get around to writing about the posts I enjoyed from other blogs, but today is not that day.

Book Blogger Envy

Bookshelf Tour

Book Blurbs From Titles: Part 1 and Part 2

Here’s to a fantastic September!!

19 thoughts on “August Recap

  1. Wow you read a lot! My monthly goal is half your own hahaha. How about Loony Blurbs for Not-So-Loony Books? That’s probably too long, but it’s the first thing I came up with. Have an awesome September Emily!

  2. WOW, I’m so impressed with how you ALWAYS manage to go beyond the goals you set for yourself that month. Well done Em, and so happy for you for reaching 70k on your WIP! I can’t believe you’ve reached 100+ books read this year already!! Teach me your ways master. 😛 I hope your September is just as amazing xx

  3. You read 16 books! That is amazing. I need to read 16, but I managed to only read 9.
    Congratulations on reaching 70,000 on your ms. Hope you can finish it this month. Good luck with your September goals.

    • Yes, well, some books were so amazing I read them in a day – that helped, haha. But hey, 9 books is still really awesome! That’s like one every three days…? Yes. My maths is correct for once. Yes, fingers crossed I can finish Wanderland this month, I’m kind of getting sick of it 😛

  4. YAY FOR A FABULOUS AUGUST!!! I’m actually seriously in shock that it’s September already. What. Slooooow down 2014, I’M NOT READY FOR THE END OF THE YEAR YET AND HERE IT IS. *breaths deeply* ANYWAY.
    70K is awesome! Congrats on getting so far! This is going to be one hugeness of a book, right?! 😉 Awesome.
    I like that “read, hunny” gif too by the way. IT’S THE BEST.
    AND I’M SO GLAD YOU’VE BEEN CONVERTED TO THE GLORIOUSNESS OF SARAH J MAAS. This makes me very happy. ^-^ And The Assassin’s Blade is just AMAZING. I’m still too scared of Heir of Fire, though. 😦 gah. I get way too emotionally involved in books. *Sigh*
    OKAY! OKAY! LONG ENOUGH COMMENT. Obviously I’ve missed your posts. ;))

    • I KNOW!! How did it get to September this quickly?? Crazy.

      Oh my gosh, it’s going to be a MASSIVE book. Well, like, not ridiculously massive, but for my standards, yes.

      I LOVE BEING CONVERTED. IT’S MY FAVOURITE THING BECAUSE I LOVE LOVING BOOKS. Hahahhaa, we should read Heir of Fire together 😛

      And I’ve missed you commenting on my posts ❤

  5. YOU READ SO MUCH. Maybe I should keep a count of how many books I’ve read per week/month. I actually have no clue! I also love that you set goals. 😀 But seriously, how is it September already?! Where does all the time go?? Next thing you know it’ll be Christmas. O.o (For me, Christmas = books, so I hope that comes quickly.) Congrats (again, I think I’ve said this before) on reaching 70k on Wanderland. That’s awesome. And that first TBR gif IS THE BEST.

    • I know. It’s the best form of procrastination out there (althoughhhhh, there were quite a few short books there). You should totally count. I love counting things. It’s great fun. And I have to set goals or I’ll go crazy!!! Oooh, Christmas means almost being in England for me, so it’s exciting 😀

  6. Woooow you read all the awesome books, I have The Rapunzel Dilemma as well! I didn’t read the Cinderella Moment though but I should! You had a super productive month with all the writing and reading and I totally support your new buys. can’t wait to hear what you think of DG!

  7. Congratulations on getting to 70k on Wanderland! 16 books? What?!? That is amazing!!! I have no idea how you manage reading so much, writing so much, blogging so much and school. Yes, I love the book blurbs from titles posts. It should definitely become a regular feature. I can’t think of a name right now, but I’ll come back and comment if I do think of any names.

    • Thanks, Ana!! And yes, I was surprised when I counted all the books, too D: I don’t know how it happens. I guess you use your time better when there’s less of it??? I’m totally making the book blurbs thing a new feature. Loony Blurbs is my working title.

  8. I always love reading how you manage to complete your monthly goals. Seriously, I need to start doing that and actually complete my goals. CONGRATS ON 70K! I BELIEVE IN YOU 😀
    I won’t even mention how many books you read, but if I did it’d be something like I AM SO JEALOUS. I’ve been in a slump all summer, mostly because I STILL didn’t have time to read. Life can be depressing.
    But for whatever reason, the start of the school year has me looking for ways to procrastinate so I might actually read more during the school year than during the summer. Yikes.
    As far as Isla, AHHHHH. My reward for being all productive with college apps is Isla. Which means I’m not getting it now, but when I do, it’ll be because I am victorious! -ish. Aha. I just need incentive to work, that’s all. But I can’t wait until I have all three of the lovely books<3

    • HAHA. There’ll be one month where I’ll do nothing and that will be awkward. But putting my goals out for everyone to see makes me more determined to complete them 😛

      Aww, I’m sorry you’re in a reading slump! I was in a mini one recently, but thank goodness Isla and the Happily Ever After got me out of it.

      That is so funny. I think I do the same with procrastination 😛

  9. How about ‘shoulda been’? As in what the book should have been about? Yeah I know, that’s craptacular. I so desperately want to read Wanderland, can you post some more snippets? Pretty please?

    Wow, 16 books is HUGE! You should start up a reading plan in the YA group. Or not, because you’ll show everyone up 😀

    • Hahahhaa that is such an Aussie name for it 😛 I’m going to brainstorm some things and maybe give you guys a vote.

      You seem very excited for Wanderland 😀 that makes me so happy!! I hope it becomes a Real And Actual Book one day.

      16 books is quite a few, yes O_O Didn’t realise how many it was until I went onto Goodreads and counted them all up. Go me! 😛

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