12 Places To Put Your Books (when you run out of shelf space)

Running out of room on your shelves for all your books? Never fear, Emily is here.

Here are twelve convenient places where you can store your books! They’ve all been tried and tested by yours truly.


1) On your cat

CAM00170  CAM00172

This is Angus. You might know him as Wonderkitty, because he helps me rate the books I read. He sleeps a lot, which means I get to shamelessly use him to store my books.


2) Your pantry


Who needs food? Here we have some awesome books sharing pantry space with the Vegemite and the Milo. As if you needed any other indication that I’m Australian.

3) On your bedroom floor


Pshhh, you don’t need to walk around in your bedroom. That’s precious book space being used up! Just do what I did and spread them ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

4) Put them on your dog.


You didn’t know I had a dog??? Well, you do now. Her name is Trixie. She was very accommodating for this photo. We also have another dog – a cavoodle named Teddy – but he was being hyper and doesn’t like photos.


5) Put them on your head.


If these pictures look familiar it’s because I used them for my “how to tackle your TBR post.

Also, on second thoughts, maybe don’t put books on your head.

6) Put them in the toaster.



Plus, my smoke alarm goes off even when I cook toast, so imagine if my books started burning??? THE HORROR.

7) On your other cat.


This has turned into an impromptu Introductions to Pets post. But anyway, this is Princess (we didn’t name her, she was a rescue kitty), and she is judging me with that face. She did not appreciate being storage for books at all.

8) On the washing line.


Props to Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for being the smallest books on my shelves, so that I could peg them up. Don’t worry, I apologised to them afterwards.

9) If they’re not quite dry, stick them in the dryer!


Who needs clothes? Um, probably all of us, but who needs DRY clothes when you can use the dryer as storage space for books???

10) In the corner. If they’re being bad.


Seriously. It needs to sit in the corner and think about what it’s done.

Or, alternatively, John Green should. BECAUSE IT IS NOT OKAY.

11) In the piano stool.


Haha, good luck playing these, Future Emily.

No but imagine if you could play books on piano…I wonder what they’d sound like…

12) Thought I’d run out of animals? Nope, put

your books on your third cat.


This is Casper. We call him Baby because he’s the baby of the cats. He chases around Angus, who gets grumpy and comes to sit with me instead. Also they smashed a vase the other day. This is one of the rare instances in which Casper is actually asleep.

You can always count on Emily to give you awesome advice.

And to speak in third person, apparently. Why not give these places a try if you’re running out of bookshelf space?

*NOTE: no books were harmed in the making of this post. Same with animals.

Although I would like to thank both books and animals for their patience.

Also my family for not being home while I took these photos. That could have been awkward. It’s not every day that you come home to find your 17-year-old daughter/sister pegging up books on the washing line.

Oh god, it sounds even worse now.

I’m just going to leave it there.

Where you do put your books when you run out of room on your shelves?



60 thoughts on “12 Places To Put Your Books (when you run out of shelf space)

  1. I am tackling this problem now. xD I just received a new book and I have no place on my tbr shelf for it. ;-; It’s just sitting on my desk and several of my other tbr books are crammed in any small space on my shelf.
    I have seven cats, perhaps I shall try storing them on my cats. Hmm… o_O

  2. haha! GOOD PLACES! I still currently have enough shelf space! I’m looking for more books! any suggestions? I like funny books, books about like, real girls, not really fantasy. uhm…. young romance is good too. (but not cheesy books about love) The bigger the books the better! i will take any suggestions! thx!

  3. Hahaha! Absolute fantastic post, Em! 😀 So much fun. I usually just put all my books on my floor when there is no longer shelf/table space. 😦 Not very creative, I know. Also, I love, love, love Angus and Casper – so beautiful! ❤

    • Thanks Ebony 😀 I think I’m going to have to resort to the floor soon. Gulp. I already have a TBR stack near my door that I need to get around to…I’m sure Angus and Casper are going to get very big heads now. Although they already know their adorableness and use it to their advantage 😛

  4. I love this! I’m running out of my room on my shelf (it’s quite small, with only 3 shelves). So now my writing desk has become my solution. Books take up half the tabletop and all the little shelves on the side.

    P.S. I adore your cats and dog!

  5. THIS POST IS NOW ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. It made me laugh… and cats are awesome places to store books. xD My cat (“Mr. Whiskers” :P) likes to sit on my books. Usually only while I’m reading them.

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH IT MEANS A LOT 😛 Haha yes, cats are great to chuck books on when they’re asleep. Of course, they get their revenge by sitting on my books, too 🙂 or on my laptop keyboard when I’m trying to do homework. But we love them anyway 🙂

  6. Frabjous post Emily! Your pets are adorable 🙂 I especially love the pantry idea – books and snacks in one place sounds pretty convenient!

  7. OH my! What adorable animals! I love the idea of putting the ON pets… but usually my cat sleeps ON TOP of my books. And then he get rather angry when I try to access the books under him napping!

    I actually keep books in my pantry… the top three shelves are for food stuffs but the bottom two shelves are for boxes (like from the blender) and books. I also have books in waterproof boxes out in the garden shed. I have no room in my house!

  8. Hehehe this was hilarious, and thanks for showing your pets to us. I can’t believe you have five! I wish I had five pets, but I only own a rabbit and she only comes to me for food. 😥 And your kitties are so well-behaved! I wanna cuddle them 😀

    Oh right, the post (I got distracted). I’m definitely not as adventurous as you and will only be game enough to leave my books scattered on the floor when I run out of shelf space. Loved the dryer one hehe

    • I know, I have so many pets. One day my mum went crazy and decided to turn into a crazy cat AND dog lady. I mean, I already have two sisters. They’re enough. (not that I’m complaining about our cats…) LOL, my cats are only well-behaved because they’re lazy 😛

      Yes, I don’t USUALLY tend to hang my books up on the washing line. Only very occasionally 😛

  9. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH. I particularly love the part where you stuck them in the toaster. Toast aside, that’s a fabulous place to put them, they fit so well. I’m totally trying that…okay, but you know, not turning them on. I love my books. Also the washing line: definitely. THEY NEED THEIR VITAMIN D. And TFIOS should probably never ever come out of the corner.

    You definitely have a lot of pets! I wish I had a pet. Sometimes I prod my family in the direction of we-need-a-pet-or-I-will-die, but then I remember I have Mime. She’s kind of helpless and mildly cute, so definitely a pet.

    • YAY. I’M SO GLAD. Hahaha, yes, the toaster was a stroke of genius. Although I did have to get my skinniest books – imagine fitting Heir of Fire in the toaster! HAHA YES VITAMIN D. Because, like their owners, they mostly stay inside 😛

      Lol, Sophie makes a good pet too. 😀

  10. OH MY GOSH THIS POST IS HILARIOUS. I don’t really have places I put my books when I get too many… most of the time they just end up on the floor. Or my desk. Which isn’t good, because I have to do school work/study there, and I have to find another place for my beloved books. But yeah, generally the floor is where I put my books. 😀

  11. Hahaha fantastic post! It had me in fits of giggles :DD

    My books have now exceeded the shelf space (I need moooooreeee), the bedside table and the large loveseat thing that doubles as a crate. They now find a happy home stacked in piles all over my floor. They’re happy, I suppose. I am not, especially when I go for midnight snacks and whatnots and think I’m going to be a hotshot and forgo turning on the light. That’s always a bad idea. Extremely bad. Not only do I trip on all sorts of things but those lovely piles (colour coded and all) become scattered puddles all over the floor. It’s worse when I make the trip back and those lovely fallen towers take me big surprise, again. I always get hurt. Perhaps that’s a sign to stop hitting the kitchen in the middle of the night xD

    • I’m so glad 😀 that is always my aim. I think once I use up all my shelf space I’ll just use the floor as well. Or chuck the ones I don’t like as much under my bed, maybe. Plus, my mum has some shelf space – I’ll take it over. OH NO that doesn’t sound good. I’ll try not to sleepwalk if I have to resort to putting my books on the floor 😛

  12. HAHA this post made my day! Now i have a new reason to get a dog! also i used to store my books under my desk and bed once when my book shelve broke (no books were harm in the avalanche… even if they were they were super heavy textbooks… ).

  13. I can’t stop laughing to form anything coherent to say.

    You’re so incredibly funny Em. I’ve tried to get my dog to pose with books, thinking that’ll be cute, until he grabbed one, took off through the house and hid under the bed to eat it.

    Never again.

    • Well, I am the LOONY teen writer 😛 I’ve got to live up to it somehow. HAHA oh my gosh that’s so funny. My cats would be too lazy to eat books. Although Angus does bit the corners when he wants my attention. Kind of like, “stop reading and pay attention to me! I’m cute!” And…yeah, I can never resist.

  14. HAHA! On the toaster bit made me laugh out loud – that’s hilarious! Too bad we don’t have any toasters at home 😛 At least not this kind of toaster (the one we have is the microwave-ish format… ish). You have so many cats! O_O I love ❤

    Faye at The Social Potato

  15. WOW you have a lot of books on your bedroom floor! Also, your cats are very tolerant of you and your bookish shenanigans. I don’t know that all of mine would put up with that sort of thing. 😉

    Also, the idea of playing books on the piano? Kind of genius. I LOVE IT. SOOOO MUCH. I WISH IT WAS A REAL THING.

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    I don’t have any cats, but I do have two dogs…I wouldn’t trust either of them with my books, though.
    And I have put books in the corner before. Assassin’s Blade spent, like, 2 weeks in the corner of my room when I’d finished reading it, because that was totally NOT OK.
    And books on the floor makes perfect sense…I mean, who didn’t play ‘the floor is made of lava’ as a kid? Now, the floor is just covered in books, easy to dodge.

      • Well, considering one of my dogs is actually a 5 month old puppy…I mean, she seems to think “If it’s on the floor, it is a new toy for me”…this covers everything from paper to lettuce to sheep poo.
        I’m not even kidding.
        So, she’s not getting anywhere near my books.
        My other dog is 14…she might be trustworthy…
        Then again, there was that one time that she locked the puppy in the cupboard.

  19. The cat (Seraphim was her name) I had as a teen tried to eat my copy of The Silmarillion, but she was possessed. :p My other cat has this had (Kyle was his name) this attitude of “why are you touching me, I did not approve this.”

    Fun post, and your pets are adorable.

  20. You’re awesome 😀

    Princess does not look happy hahaha

    I actually think the books look pretty cool on the washing line, getting some interior decorating ideas,… No, Vlora, bad idea, Vlora. (also talks of herself in the third person… is still doing it… has watched Stranger Than Fiction and randomly starts narrating her life at random intervals.)

    I actually am starting to use the floor as my new shelf because I’ve run out of space. Luckily, I have a fairly big room, I figure I’ll be fine for a while. 😀

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  24. I’m having serious trouble with this right now. I don’t think my dog would particularly appreciate having books stacked on her though 😦 (Let’s not mention the bird’s feeling on the matter).

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