What Happened in September, Upcoming Blogoversary and Book Swap!

So…what happened in September?

– Honestly I am actually SO glad September is over because it dragged on for so long. One word: exams.

– I started a new feature called Loony Blurbs. It was a lot of fun reading everyone’s posts. You can check out what it’s all about with the tab marked “Loony Blurbs” right up the top.

– I finished the first draft of Wanderland (finally!). Very exciting.

– I reached 100 Bloglovin’ followers, so thanks so much everyone 😀


My Goals for September Were To:

– Read at least 8 books – check! I read 14 books.

falling into place the realm of possibility sandy feet heir of fire lizzie bennet

apple and rain 2 angelfall afterworlds deathly hallows zac and mia

the maze runner cinnamon girl the jewel preloved

– Read at least 2 books by Aussie authors – check! I read Sandy Feet, Zac and Mia, The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl and Preloved

– Review at least 8 books – check! I reviewed 11. You can click on the pictures for my reviews 🙂

dangerous girls the rapunzel dilemma falling into place the book of days

the realm of possibility lizzie bennet heir of fireapple and rain 2

angelfall afterworlds zac and mia

– Finish Wanderland – yes! YAY.

My goals for October…

– Read at least 8 books

– Read at least 2 books by Aussie authors

– Review at least 8 books

– Finish this draft of The Daisy List

– Decide whether I’m doing NaNoWriMo or not – if so, write an outline.

– HAVE A FRABJOUS BLOGOVERSARY. That’s right, The Loony Teen Writer turns 2 on the 20th of October, which means a giveaway (international, yay!). Also there’ll be fun stuff that I haven’t quite figured out yet.


Gif of the Month

Books of the Month

falling into place heir of fire afterworlds

All of these were completely and utterly excellent.

Posts You Guys Apparently Liked

(based on, you know, stats and stuff)

12 places to put your books (when you run out of shelf space)

Bookshelf and GIF Tags


For anyone attending the #BTCYA event in Sydney (the YA Party hosted by HarperCollins), if you want to swap any books with me that would be awesome. Here is the stack that I’m willing to swap for (either of books I didn’t like, or ones I have multiple copies of):


If you want to swap any books with me, just Tweet me (@theloonytuney) or comment below and we’ll figure something out. ALSO, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS EVENT.



24 thoughts on “What Happened in September, Upcoming Blogoversary and Book Swap!

  1. Woah you had a super productive writing and reading month in September, even though you had lots of exams! You go girl! That book swap is such a good idea 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy BTCYA, I am super jealous you get to go!

  2. Looks like you had a great blogging/reading/writing month Emily! Congrats on the Bloglovin’ follower big 100, and finishing your first draft of Wanderland 🙂 I can’t wait for BTCYA, it’s going to be amazing!

  3. You had exams AND you read 14 books AND you reviewed 11 books.
    And the YA party is going to be awesome! I just feel bad, because there are 5 authors attending and I haven’t read books from any of them.
    (I guess I’ll be breaking my book buying ban quite dramatically that night).

  4. Gosh I need to go somewhere where I can swap books. -_- My shelves are filled and I don’t even LIKE some of my books (I’m so mean, but but but still). If postage wasn’t so dang expensive I’d just give away SO many books.
    I’m sooo glad you liked Heir of Fire! YOU’VE BEEN CONVERTED. ^-^ Now we just have to survive until all the books are out. *dons battle armour and prepares for emotionally siege*

    • You do. You need to, like, move somewhere that’s not the middle of nowhere (I KID, I KID). Yeah, same with me – mediocre books clogging up my bookshelves, lol. Oh my gosh, if postage was free I would do sooooo many giveaways it’s not even funny. YAY I’VE BEEN CONVERTED. But…I just finished Assassin’s Blade and….. 😥 😥 😥

  5. You are a reading and reviewing machine! Congratulations on reaching 100 Bloglovin’ followers, that’s so great. Good luck with your October goals, looking forward to your Blogoversary.

  6. YAY, a bloggy birthday *smears everyone with frosting*
    Geez, that’s an incredibly achievement to have read AND reviewed so many while exams are going on. Did you sleep? Are you using little twigs to keep your eyelids open? Are you snoring while standing up? The HC event sounds incredible, you must Tweet your behind off and make us all insanely jealous! Have a happy week of reading poppet and congratulations on Wanderland, it’s EPIC!!

    • WOO CAKE FOR EVERYONE. I DID sleep occasionally in September. Some 🙂 I sleep vicariously through my cat – it’s his favourite pastime, you see. I won’t be able to tweet during BTCYA because…well, I have a crap phone, but you can bet I’ll be blogging about it 😀

  7. I SOO want to go to #BTCYA event in Sydney, it sounds AWESOME. Not sure I’ll be able to ’cause of HSC (I should probably actually check my timetable, lol) however if — by some miracle — I will be able to attend, I’ll probably be interested in swapping some stuff, so I’ll let you know. 🙂 And you should TOTALLY do NaNoWriMo this year! I remember you did an “ideas” post awhile back, so at least you’ll have a few options! 🙂

  8. WOW! 11 books Emily? *whistles* Someone was productive this month – ha! 😉 Looks like you found a lot of good ones too! I absolutely adored Falling into Place and Heir of Fire as well, so I’m glad you featured them here. And I hope next month is less hectic for you in terms of school, and I’m sure you totally rocked your exams! 😉 Happy early blogoversery too! Thanks for sharing, and happy October! ❤

  9. Congratulations on an awesome September (and on all that you’ve achieved this month – finishing a novel is certainly no small accomplishment!). And of course, here’s to an even better October. 😀

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