20 Things You Might Not Know About Me (unless you’re a stalker)

CAM00393[1] CAM00394[1] CAM00395[1]

Hey look, it’s me!

Now you guys have proof I’m not some 50-year-old man. I mean, seeing this tag is about me, I thought I might as well include selfies. Feast your eyes, people.

I was tagged by Cait from Notebook Sisters. So now I get to talk about myself. Yay!


How tall are you?

I am 162 centimetres. Which is like 5 foot 3. And despite the fact that this is AVERAGE HEIGHT, you would not believe how many short jokes I cop from my family, since I’m the shortest (besides my mum…)

Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?

I am extremely good at:

– Losing things and having them turn up in weird places. For example, finding my driver’s licence in the pantry.

I don’t even know.

I am also good at:

– Getting my room messy despite staying in the same spot pretty much all day

– Scrolling on Tumblr

– I can play piano??

– Also I can do cartwheels and handstands and round-offs and all that jazz. Which is a lot of fun.

– Planning. Every day of the week I have a to-do list. If I don’t finish something on the list I move it to the next day, but that rarely happens. I have LOTS on my agenda so it needs to be organised. Though I make a lot of jokes about procrastination I am very organised (it helps with school, that’s for sure).

What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve?

People who leave generic comments. Like, why bother?

What’s your biggest non-blog-related pet peeve?

People in general. HA. Okay. Judgemental people, I guess.

What’s your favourite song?

At the moment, anything by Imagine Dragons.

What’s your favourite Etsy store that isn’t yours?

I don’t…go on Etsy. So I do not have a favourite Etsy store. And you know, I really should look at them, because I am part of lots of fandoms, and generally there is lots of fandom stuff on there.

You tell ’em, John.

What’s your favourite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?

I usually read or write when I’m home alone, but my FAVOURITE thing is to bake and listen to Disney songs.

You mean that’s NOT how you put the eggs in???

What’s your favourite junk food?

Anything baked – cookies or muffins or cake or brownies or…yep, anything like that. I can’t narrow it down, it’s too difficult.

Do you have a pet?

DO I. I have five of them (seven if you count my sisters).

CAM00362[1] CAM00417[1] CAM00144[1]

CAM00405[1] CAM00409[1]

Top left we have Angus, our beautiful Birman kitty (and assorted teddies). Then there’s Teddy, the cavoodle – sitting INSIDE the kennel is way too mainstream for him. On the top right is Casper, the ragdoll kitty (he’s not grumpy, just tired, I promise). Bottom left is Princess, our rescued tabby, and then there’s Trixie…I don’t even know what kind of dog she is.

So yeah. We have quite the menagerie (don’t tell anyone but Angus is my favourite).

What is your top favourite fiction and non-fiction book?


I HAVE LOTS OF FAVOURITE BOOKS. But I’ll just go with my default.

hp 1 mao's last dancer

What’s your favourite beauty product?

Mascara! I wear it all the time. I’m blonde so unless I wear it you can’t see my eyelashes, lol. You can’t see my eyebrows either (see above), but I can live with that.

When were you last embarrassed? What happened?

A tough question because it’s difficult to narrow down one thing. I do embarrassing things quite often. I guess the MOST embarrassing thing I’ve done in recent history is…um, I got my hair caught in the cake beaters. Don’t ask me how that happened. My hair was fine, but neither the cake beaters nor the actual cake were fine.

Also, I was freaking out about how to get my hair OUT of the stupid thing, and my sister (who has actual common sense) yelled “TURN THE BEATERS OFF, YOU IDIOT.” So I did that. It helped.

Gosh, it’s hard to believe they let people like me outside.

If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I have two answers again, because I’m a rebel. In summer, a cold Milo (AUSSIE). In winter, hot chocolate.

What’s your favourite movie?

HAHA TWO ANSWERS. Take that…whoever made this tag.

My answers are Harry Potter and Pitch Perfect.


What were you in highschool? (Prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, band geek, valedictorian, loner, artist, prep, etc.?)

This is a stupid question. I refuse to be defined! I go to an academic school so basically my whole school can be defined under “nerd.” Which is excellent. So I guess I’m the nerd in a sea of nerds.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

I guess England somewhere? That’s where a lot of my family comes from, and hello, Harry Potter. Plus Yorkshire puddings (and if you don’t know what they are, I feel very sorry for you).

PC or Mac?

PC. I guess. I’ve never owned a Mac.

Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?

My laptop gives me internet. Very romantic.

Favourite celebrity?

Emma Watson. Hands down.

She is such an amazing woman. And if you haven’t seen her recent speech on feminism, you should. It’s incredible.

What blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with?

Erm. Oh my gosh, I know everyone cheats on this by saying EVERYONE, but it’s so true. I love all you guys! You’re my favourite part of blogging. We shall all be best friends and sing Kumbaya, yes?

I tag…

Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer

Amanda @ Book Badger

Eugenia @ Genie in a Book

Any surprising things on here? Or are you all excellent stalkers? (or maybe I just talk too much…)

Oh, and don’t forget that tomorrow it’s time for Loony Blurbs again! Get your posts ready 🙂





27 thoughts on “20 Things You Might Not Know About Me (unless you’re a stalker)

  1. Okay, okay…I’ll busted out laughing quite loudly at the egg beater story. YOU ARE INSANELY HILARIOUS. I’m still giggling to myself. Mind you that sounds psychotically mean of me because…ouch. BUT STILL. YOU WRITE SO FUNNILY.
    *waves hand* Oh! I know! I know! I looked up Yorkshire puddings because I was reading that book of yours and it greatly made me want to consume one. Seriously, all the midnight baking in your book is killing me. I hope you realise what a sacrifice I go through to read it. *starves quietly*
    I’m very good at not losing things, but my nephew loves to take the money out of my wallet and play with it. Also my license. (Which has the most awful photo in the world.) But he likes to remove that from my wallet so I only don’t know it’s missing when I’m driving. -_- Bless his soul.
    ANYWAY. I love this post. IT IS THE BEST.

    • HAHA. I’ll have to put that in a story one day, really. My pain for story gain 😛

      YAY. Yorkshire puddings are amaaaazing. And lol, I started those midnight baking sessions because I was hungry at the time. The more you know.

      Your nephew sounds adorable, by the way – love your facebook posts about him 😛 But yes, I think it’s a truth universally acknowledged that licence photos suck haha.

    And getting your hair caught in beaters…I haven’t had that happen to me (I stay well away from beaters), but I have gotten my hair caught in various car doors…one time I got it caught in the seatbelt buckle…didn’t even notice until I looked down (my hair is that long).
    Wait…Loony Blurbs is tomorrow!? I guess I know what I’m doing tonight…
    Also, Teddy looks like he’s breathing fire in that picture…

      Oooooh car door sounds painful. I usually put my hair up, but it’s quite long too, so it can escape 😛
      Ha, yes, it arrived again quickly, didn’t it?
      I should totally photoshop some fire near Teddy 🙂

      • I think the worst ‘hair moments’ I’ve had are when it’s out and it gets caught on random people’s handbags at shops…so awkward.
        And it’s funny when little kids start to play with it (usually in the checkout line)…the parents get so embarrassed.

  3. I have no idea what Yorkshire Pudding is, but I will google it and remedy that situation immediately. 🙂
    Anyways, this is such a fun post! I wish my school was so focused on academics. We definitely have those stereotypical cliques- the jocks, the cheerleaders, the band geeks, etc.- but I feel like they at least overlap a lot, so that’s good. I think I’m a mix of nerd/orchestra geek/random normal person. I don’t really feel ostracized by my peers and I have a great group of friends, so I tend to embrace my ‘clique’! Although I really don’t like the idea of cliques in general- why must we constantly categorize ourselves?
    Awesome post! 🙂

    • Yes! And once you Google it, you must eat it 😀
      It’s strange, because I never know if American movies exaggerate the clique situation or if it’s real, because it sounds so ridiculously…clique-y. Lol. But I’m glad they’re exaggerated a bit 🙂 But yeah, I don’t understand the need for constant categorising either.

  4. We’re the same height-ish :O And I play the piano LOL whuuutt
    Omg, when I was young I thought I’d become this great lover of nonfiction and beeeeegged my mum to buy me Mao’s Last Dancer. I liked it. But needless to say, I wasn’t cut out for the nonfiction life. We don’t agree with one another.
    And I’m with you on the cold Milo. It completes me. Hmmmmmmm….really brings back the primary school days. I just love it! *high five*

    • WE ARE TWINS. I love piano. When I can play a piece, that is – practicing the same bar OVER and OVER isn’t as fun. Lol I don’t read much non-fiction either. But I love Mao’s Last Dancer ❤
      YES COLD MILO. When I was little I didn't even stir it in – just ate the Milo off the top and drank the milk 😛 Now I feel like some Milo…

  5. MILO, MILO, MILO! I cannot live without that glorious stuff. ❤ Angus is adorable, and coming from someone who doesn't really like cats, that is DEFINITELY saying something. 😛 And oh my gosh I so love Imagine Dragons — I listen to their songs on repeat when I'm writing all the time! I am literally the OPPOSITE from you when it comes to planning! Writing, school, life in general… It's one whole mess that I just get done when I find the time. Given, I've never really tried to be a planner though, either. Can you believe I've never seen Pitch Perfect?? I think there was just so much hype surrounding it that it put me off, but I really SHOULD watch it sometime. 🙂

    • OI, OI, OI! (wait, milo’s NOT the first part of that?? But it’s so Australian!). Yay, Angus has converted a dog-lover! I’ll keep posting pictures of him and make you fall in love haha. Yessss for another Imagine Dragons fan – love them so much. I just listen to the full playlist of their songs on Youtube while writing 🙂 HAHA not everyone’s a planner. You’re a life pantser, huh? 😛


  6. I love Imagine Dragons! I’m a big planner too, if I don’t plan everything, it wouldn’t get done. Your pets are so adorable. And I would have been so scared if my hair got caught in the cake beaters. Thanks for sharing all this stuff about you, it was great getting to know you better.

    • Same! Pretty much one of the only bands I consistently love the songs of. Yep, I plan everything. It helps a lot 🙂 Haha, my cats are adorable…not so sure about the dogs 😛 Oh, believe me, I WAS scared about the cake beaters. Afterwards I thought it was hilarious (still do!).


    Don’t sweat it with the beaters, that’s super easy to do. I once coated a pie in glue by mistake so things happen…. maybe just to us… but they HAPPEN.

  8. I have decided that we are twins….. or at least think the same…. nearly every answer I would have answered the same. And how delicious are yorkshire puddings…. smothered in gravy. I can see why I put so much weight on living in England now haha.

  9. This is an awesome post 🙂

    Love the bit about your hair in the beaters — I bet that hurt! I have a very difficult time with mixers myself, and avoid them as a general rule. And one of my favorite pastimes is cooking (not baking; reference the aforementioned trouble with beaters) while singing very loudly (and badly) to Disney songs.

    Also, I used to do Gymnastics and loved round-offs, etc. I can still do a one-handed cartwheel in one direction, but that’s about all the talent there that I still have left. I can jump and spin 2.5 times in the air still (former figure skater). Oh how I miss actually doing sports …

    • Mixers are scary. Now we use the Mixmaster since that traumatic time – not the handheld one! I love the combo of baking + Disney songs, now with the added benefit of letting the machine do all the work.

      I can still do one-handed cartwheels as well! But yeah, only on one hand 😛 It’s sad that as we grow up we don’t do as much of this stuff anymore 😦

  10. Awesome post Emily! I revolve things around daily lists too – it makes things organised and ensures that I know what I’m doing (especially when it comes to homework and assignments). Harry Potter and Pitch Perfect are both amazing movies too – I still remember laughing at the moment in the movie with the Gif you used 🙂

  11. Oh my goodness we really need to start a short-people-club. I’m 5″1′ and get all of the short jokes! Also the method of baking in that GIF is accurate and perfect. That’s how I bake. Like a friend of mine always says about me: “she does not have the flower of common sense growing in her garden.” It’s so accurate I can’t even get mad!
    Also I love the photos *selfie time!
    Olgia @ Orange Owls & Books

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  13. Gosh, I’m like this Supreme Grandmaster when it comes to losing things XD And the minute I ask someone if they have seen so and so somewhere, there it is innocently lying on the dining table. *shakes head*
    Also, MILOO! And Disney! ❤
    That gif was just hilarious! Can't stop giggling 😀
    Awesome post!

  14. What what what I just left a long comment about books and cake beaters and gifs and Harry Potter and Emma Watson but then the internet did a Thing (not sure what, as you may be able to tell) and now it is GONE. Gee thanks laptop.

    Anyway, the bottom line was: I love this post! 😀

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