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This is the fifth time I’m doing Loony Blurbs, and the second time that you can link up. If you missed it this time around, it’s a fortnightly feature, and you can find all the info on the Loony Blurbs tab up the top of my blog.

Let’s go!


Stitching Snow by R. C. Lewis

stitching snowLewis’s grandmother can stitch quilts out of anything: cotton, sure, but also cheese, ice cream, books, spectacles, eggs or – one memorable time – a sofa.

Then the Queen of Roventa asks Lewis’ grandmother to stitch her most challenging work yet – a quilt comprised entirely of snow, to cover the scorched land of her people. The frigid winters of yester-year have given rise to a new age, an age of unbearable heat, and the people of Roventa can’t last much longer.

But Lewis’ grandmother is close to dying. Before she departs Roventa, she gives Lewis the secrets of the stitching.

So now it’s up to him to save the queendom, and fulfill his grandmother’s dying wish.


The Secret Hum of a Daisy by Tracy Holczer

the secret hum of a daisyWhen Tracy was a little girl, everyone indulged her overactive imagination. When she claimed that she could talk to plants, to animals, they cooed over her. “Of course you can, darling.” They felt sorry for her, after that terrible tragedy.

But it wasn’t so cute at age eight, and gradually Tracy learned to hide what she heard. She’s always been curious, though, as to why the daisies are silent. They don’t say a word.

It’s going to take a strange girl to find out why. To listen. To understand.

And when she’s shown the secret hum of the daisies, she might even learn to live her life again.

Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne

midnight thiefOlivia is a Midnight Thief. Well, that’s up for debate. She steals time, but it just so happens that it’s easier to steal it from the midnight hours, when everybody is sleeping. But there are rules.

She must only take time from those who are already dying, who would only suffer more if they kept on living. Olivia steals their last days, and she takes it back with her to Chronario.

More commonly known as Neverland.

But what happens when the rules break down, when “quality of life” is debated among the Chronicle peoples? They start to age, of course.

And Olivia’s the catalyst.


Stop in the Name of Pants! by Louise Rennison

stop in the name of pantsLouise is what most people would call a freak. And they do, but she’d rather they bully her than someone less fortunate. She’s never needed friends – she and her pet sewing machine, Cleopatra, create stunning outfits together, and she’s always dreamed of being a fashion designer.

It’s only one sentence, uttered by the utterly endearing Ronald. The pants at the time were lime green, covered in blue moons – the latest experiment in a long line of them. He admires her pants. She admires the stack of toast in his hands (“I never go anywhere without some toast, Louise”).

It’s not love. But it’s something similar. All they need is each other, a sewing machine and a stack of toast.



Worry Warts by Morris Gleitzman

worry wartsMorris’ mother always told him that if he worried too much, he’d sprout worry warts and turn into a goblin. But the goblin who arrives in the bottom of the garden doesn’t have worry warts. In fact, he doesn’t have any warts at all.

Morris follows the goblin through the gap of the fence and into Maligno, the land of the goblins. They’re all such a friendly bunch that Morris wonders how his mother got it so wrong. They’re a misunderstood species, like the trolls and the witches and the ogres.

Misfits. And Morris likes them a lot.

Suddenly, Morris isn’t so worried about worry warts.



The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

the chocolate warChoose your weapons, people. The last cocoa bean on Planet Earth is located in Ghana, Africa. But nobody is prepared to hand it over.

There are air strikes.

There are bombings.

There is strategy.

There will only be on victor in the chocolate war. And his name is…Robert.

(It was an accident. But there’s no way he’s giving it up)


Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A. S. King

please ignore vera dietzVera Dietz is Amy’s imaginary friend, but as the years go on, she’s becoming more and more noticeable, wreaking havoc wherever she goes.

Did you know that it is quite difficult to concentrate on physics when your imaginary friend is singing directly in your ear? Especially when the class can only see a blurry outline, and assumes that Amy is clouded in deodorant as an attempt to mask her Fatal BO?

Then she becomes completely real. The only thing Amy can do is to ask others to ignore her.

But the last time Amy saw Vera, she was graffiti-ing the periodic table on the back of the science lab, replacing the element letters with…well. Letters that spell rather more unsavoury words.

Nobody is going to be able to ignore her. Especially not Amy.


Leave your link here and I’ll come and visit you!


The only one I’ve read out of these books is Worry Warts. Are any of them close? (HA! Doubt it. I didn’t call it Loony Blurbs for nothing!).

So which one was your favourite this time around? šŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “Loony Blurbs (5)

  1. I loved this. XD Chocolate Wars?! YES. And I totally want to linkup, but then I read yours and I’m like “there’s no way I can contend with that”. hehe. You are going to have a breeze when it comes to writing blurbs/queries for your books, right?! EASY after all this practise. XD

  2. Once again another fabulous round of Loony Blurbs! I especially love ‘Stop in the Name of Pants!’ and ‘Please Ignore Vera Dietz’ šŸ™‚

  3. I absolutely LOVED your blurb for The Secret Hum of a Daisy and for Stop in the Name of Pants! Those are my favorites šŸ™‚ Nice post!

  4. I loved Stop in the Name of Pants the most. Oh goodness! *laughs and laughs and laughs šŸ™‚
    That was hilarious. Now let me try to regain my composure.

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  7. YOU’VE REALLY OUTDONE YOURSELF THIS TIME! *stops laughing like a maniac*

    I would actually read Stop in the Name of Pants and Stitching Snow based on your blurbs! Seriously, I’m looking forward to the day you write those books šŸ˜€

    I’ll definitely be putting up a post, because I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from joining anyway! :3

    I’ve also tagged you to do the Social Media Tag! (http://nirvanaamjad.wordpress.com/2014/09/29/da-social-media-tag/)

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  9. Hahaha! These are just great. ā¤ I especially love the one for Stop in the Name of Pants, as that's the only book I've read from this selection. Thanks for another very entertaining round of Loony Blurbs! šŸ˜€

  10. Love, love, love. Of these I’d pick up The Secret Hum of a Daisy, though in terms of Loony Blurbs my favourite is Stitching Snow XD

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