My first book event! Recap of #BTCYA


So this was awesome.

Here’s how it happened.

My sister and I left for the train station to get to Sydney. On the train we…um, read books. Of course.

Luckily, I’d left sufficient time to get lost, which we did – but only a little bit, and only because my map was confusing, okay? We ended up a few streets over before realising that the RIGHT way was where we’d been going to start with.

Never trust me with directions.

So finally we got there. And I want to live in the HarperCollins offices, just saying.

I spent a while looking at the beautiful view and the beautiful books, and trying to…erm, not be shy (people are scary, okay?). I couldn’t take any photos because my phone had died…that’s another thing. Never trust me with phones. I’m awful.

So you’re just going to have to imagine that it was beautiful. Plus, there was chocolate and a dinosaur.

And here is where I start stealing everyone else’s photos. This is Tim and Amanda and DINOSAUR.

Embedded image permalink

Then I met some awesome bloggers.

First I met Jess from Reading Dress, and I talked to her for a bit. Then I met Eugenia from Genie in a Book, and her friend Emily. We did some book swapping and it was awesome. And THEN I met Gina from Behind the Pages, and did some MORE book swapping, and generally everyone was just lovely. Gosh I love book bloggers.

I briefly saw Joy from Thoughts by J as well – unfortunately I had to leave so I didn’t get to properly talk to her, but NEXT TIME 🙂

Here are the books I got (proper photos will be in my Stacking the Shelves post tomorrow!):

From Eugenia:

messenger of fear astrologer's daughter cracks in the kingdom

From Gina:

led the revels there cut the moon in two

And then…it began.

There was trivia, there was publisher rivalry (HarperCollins claims their John Green box set is better than Penguin’s because a) it’s hardback and b) It has Paper Towns and thus the world’s largest collection of Black Santas). There was talk of awesome books that are coming out soon. There was an outcry when Tim gave spoilers for the end of Disruption by Jessica Shirvington.

Tim and Amanda, by the way, are the funniest people ever. Just saying. Tim’s fanboying was a joy to behold (I’m pretty sure he was the only guy there…it’s a hard world).

There was also a page of awesome bloggers.

Embedded image permalink

SEE ME THERE? DO YOU? I was so flipping excited.

After that was the author panel.

Embedded image permalink

Some of the questions were about what goes into making a book boyfriend. Some were about putting your work out there, or stories/novels the authors had written that would never see the light of day. All of the answers were hilarious/thoughtful/clever. They all spoke so well!

Then some author signing!!

Embedded image permalink

This is a sneaky pic that I didn’t know about (I’m on the right with the purple and the weird expression). But anyway, I talked to Gabrielle Tozer, who was absolutely LOVELY. I handed her my red copy of The Intern (THAT’S right, I have a red one), and then she said “Are you Emily?” Which. You know. Was awesome. And she asked me how my writing was going, and how I manage to do everything (*whispers* My secret is that I have a Time Turner). But yep. She was lovely. And so that was the first book I ever got signed in person!!


And then I got Disruption and Corruption signed by the lovely Jessica Shirvington. She also signed Between the Lives but my sister is still reading it so I have no photos 😛 My copy of Corruption was the first Jessica ever signed, so THAT’S EXCITING.

CAM00431 CAM00432

I don’t know if you can read them (my shocking photography again) but HOW PRETTY ARE THE PENS? And in the right corner of Corruption it says “1/1” because…it was the first. Come on. I have to brag about it.

We also got a poster!

CAM00437 CAM00438

So now I have to find a spot in my room to put the beautiful thing.



Maggie’s looking at herself. “Hello, badass Maggie.” “Hello, badass Maggie.”

Ignore me. It’s late when I’m writing this post.


BTCYA was such an amazing night – I’m so happy to have met Eugenia, Gina, Emily, Joy and Jess, as well as the authors. And not forgetting Amanda and Tim, of course!

There are so many books coming up in 2015 that I’m excited to read.

Photo credit to Joy @ Thoughts by J and the HarperCollins Twitter team (find them at @harpercollinsYA).

Have you ever gone to a bookish event like this? Were you as nervous as I was at first? PEOPLE ARE SCARY OKAY. (they’re actually not – everyone was lovely. I’m just used to my own company…and my cats)

24 thoughts on “My first book event! Recap of #BTCYA

  1. WOW. Just wow. You got invited to HarperCollins Aussie’s Publishing house (along with other bloggers), meet bloggers that you’ve been friends with online and swap books with them, meet some of your favourite authors and have a private book signing?

    YOU ARE THE ONE OF THE MOST LUCKIEST GIRLS IN THE WORLD!! WOO GO EMILY! A publishing company knows you write. Maybe in the near future they will offer you a contract!

    Lucy xx

  2. Oh the awesomeness of this post!! I am SO sold on Disruption atm. I’m nearly finished and dajfskalfd Maggie. BADASS. She makes me laugh out loud, particularly her and Gus. BUT ANYWAY. That is so so so awesome that you go to go to this!! One day I’ll go to an author signing event. *pledges* Eventually….wah. They look so freakishly awesome and HARPERCOLLINS!!!!!!!!

    • Ooooh you were listening to the audiobook, right? Unless I’m COMPLETELY making that up. I KNOW HOW AWESOME IS IT? I need to get my Ps so I can go to ALL the events 😛 Oh yes yes yes one day you should come down to Sydney and I’ll get to MEET YOU 😀

  3. THIS SOUNDS AS THOUGH YOU HAD THE BEST NIGHT! I’m so glad you were able to go and recap this for me! ;D Darn being stuck down here in Melbs with no bookish events until December. 😦 However, I’m so happy you had an awesome time and you got to meet some cool bloggers and authors and get your books signed! I bought Disruption the day it came out, and seeing it there next to Corruption reminds me that I really, really need to read it already…

    I’ve only been to two bookish events before. My first was this years PTALive which was just AWESOME! I had such a great time even though I was a loner. I saw some people I recognised from the blogosphere, but I was too new to the blogosphere (or so I thought) and more importantly, TOO SHY to introduce myself to them. However, I’m good friends with some now, so next years PTALive will be even more awesome, cause I won’t be a loner. I also was able to go to the Laini Taylor event in September and that was cool. 🙂 I got to meet Mel from YA Midnight Reads (and talk to her quite a bit) and some people from instagram and goodreads introduced themselves to me and that was pretty cool. I felt like a celebrity, I swear. I was so surprised people actually recognised me. 🙂

    • IT SOUNDS LIKE THAT BECAUSE IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT 😀 Awww, not til DECEMBER? That’s ages away! But Twitter is second best, right? 😛 Yessss I can’t wait to get started on Corruption. I left it at my mum’s house (idiot) but as soon as I get back there, I’m starting!

      PTALive looked like so much fun – I was originally going to go but it didn’t work out. But yeah, it would have been a bit strange not knowing anyone – thank goodness I did at BTCYA because introducing myself would have been impossible! Oh yeah, I heard the Laini Taylor events were all awesome, as well – and I’d love to meet Mel 😀 Hahaha you TOTALLY are a celebrity 😀

  4. Awesome recap Emily! It was so great to meet you in person, and the event as a whole was definitely my favourite one of the year. Thanks for book-swapping with me, I hope you enjoy your new reads too 🙂

  5. Glad you had a great time. I really wanted to go to this but I wasn’t able to. I would have loved to meet Jessica and get my books signed by her, and I’ve talked to Tara on facebook before so it would have been nice to meet her in person, and it would have been great to meet you in person of course! Great recap, thanks for sharing.

  6. That sounds so amazing!!! I’m hoping that one day I’m able to attend events like that meet bloggers and authors. It looks like you had a ball Emily 🙂

  7. This sounded like such an amazing event!! Next time there’s a book event, I SHALL BE THERE.

    Disruption/Corruption are SO SHINY. I still haven’t read the fist one (which I must rectify AT ONCE) but it looks awesome. And besides, I’ve really enjoyed Jessica Shirvington’s writing before, so I’m pretty much positive that I’m going to like this one. ^_^

  8. You took everything from my mouth and put it into one amazing post!! It was so great to meet you ^_^ HarperCollins really outdid themselves with this one. It was a fantastic event!! Hopefully the ones to follow will be just as amazing 🙂 x

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  10. *Sobs because I didn’t get to meet you*
    The next one. Ok. We’ll meet at the next one.
    This was my second publisher event…third bookish event…this year. I don’t think I’ve done any before this year…
    But, yeah, I went to PTA Live in April, which was awesome (and one of the larger contributing factors to why I started blogging for real), and I went to the City of Heavenly Fire book launch/release party thing, because I could. That was fun…(I dragged my brother to that one…he was, like, the only guy there. Seriously, he’s the best brother ever).
    I wasn’t really nervous for PTALive, mainly because I had no idea what was going to go on…all I knew is that Penguin publishes awesome books (*cough*VampireAcademy*cough*) so I HAD to go. I had an exam the next day, but whatever. I did fine.
    I didn’t really talk to anyone there, though…next year there’ll probably be people I want to meet, so I’m looking forward to that.

  11. Awesome! I went to my first author event a few weeks ago (and STILL haven’t written a post for it. Bad me.). It was for the Fierce Reads tour and I saw MARISSA MEYER! *freaks out*

    It’s so exciting to actually get books signed in person! I was so nervous, and I kept telling myself to calm down on the drive there so I didn’t crash my (mother’s) car.

    And getting mentioned on that projection – THAT IS SPECTACULAR AND LOVELY.

  12. This is so awesome! I wish I knew where these events are in the US. BUT ANYWAYS I’M GLAD YOU HAD AN AWESOME TIME! I’ve never been to a book event before, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to go to one in the future.

    ALSO FAIRYLAND BOOKS. I need to finish the series still 😀

  13. It was so good to meet you!! I know what you mean, it’s kind of hard to talk to other bloggers and everyone else there that you don’t know, but then once you start talking to people, it becomes so much better, because all they want to talk about is books, and it was like *winning* haha
    I’m still trying to decide what side I want to put hang my poster on….. I’m thinking of the Maggie in black side..
    Can’t wait to see you at the next event!

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