Corruption by Jessica Shirvington – duologies rock

corruptionTitle: Corruption

Author: Jessica Shirvington

Genre: YA sci-fi

Length: 437 pages

Published by: HarperCollins

Source: bought it!



Two years ago, Maggie Stevens began the hunt.

Four weeks ago, Maggie’s world fell apart, when she finally
found what she’d been looking for. And when Quentin,
who had blindly trusted her, unravelled her web of lies.

Now, Maggie lives in the dark. But she’s not about to stay there.
Not when she still has to bring M-Corp down.
Not when there is still a chance she could win him back.

In the exhilarating conclusion to Disruption, Maggie must do
whatever it takes to show the world the truth.
And the price for her quest?


It’s over. I’m so sad.

Geez, the series that I DON’T like go on for a thousand books, and the ones I DO like are only two books. What’s with that?

This book made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Here’s why I laughed:

GUS AND MAGGIE. Three words. That’s all you need to know to read this book. You need to know that their banter, their friendship, is possibly my favourite EVER. I’m so glad there’s a friendship between a girl and a guy that doesn’t become a romance. It’s just really excellent.

So that’s why I laughed.

Maggie is also hilarious on her own. Sure, she’s broken and often I wanted to cry as well, but she’s as witty as ever. I love that. We need more girls like Maggie in YA.

Here’s why I cried:

I felt so sorry for Maggie. She has to put up with so much crap, and after the end of book 1, I don’t know how she got through that. I probably would have curled into a ball and just cried for a thousand years. Which explains why there are no characters like me in books (we’re boring. I’d much rather read about Maggie).

And the ending. Oh god. Ohhhhhhhhhhh god.

I’m going to start sobbing again, I am.

It was perfect. Really. THAT is how you end a series.

I’m still in shock.

Other things I loved:

QUIN AND MAGGIE’S RELATIONSHIP. I’m not going to say too much because spoilers, but I LOVED that they actually communicated. You know how in some YA, there’s all this angst because someone misinterpreted something, and neither of them TALK to each other about it? Yeah, well, Maggie and Quin are mature and they don’t do crap like that. I love it.

We also got some excellent butt-kickin’.

Courtesy of Maddie, of course. There was great action. I can see it happening in a movie.

Can we please have a movie?

The technology is also really cool.

This is YA sci-fi, not YA dystopian as such, and I really really really liked that. We don’t have enough sci-fi. And the concept of the M-bands is something I loved in book 1, and that I loved again here. The world that Jessica Shirvington has created through these M-bands is 1) terrifying and 2) terrifyingly possible.

I mean, Jessica Shirvington basically predicted the Apple watch.

And this book is so unique that Goodreads couldn’t think of any books to recommend based on it:


Because this series is like no other.

In conclusion?


And if Snape approves, you know it’s gotta be good.

Definitely one of the best sci-fi books I’ve read. And that’s from a lover of contemporary. And it’s certainly the best duology I’ve ever read. You can see my review of Disruption here.

Rating: 4.5/5 Wonderkitties



21 thoughts on “Corruption by Jessica Shirvington – duologies rock

  1. Yay! I have to agree – so far this is my favourite duology that I’ve read too. There were definitely lighter and more serious moments, and the amount of different emotions that Jessica Shirvington was able to make us readers experience was amazing. I can’t wait to read whatever she writes next!

  2. Omg, I cracked up at that end bit where you showed it’s goodreads recommendations. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. Emily. You’re too awesome.
    Anyway…I WANT THIS BOOK SO BADLY I CANNOT EVEN. I AM LITERALLY FLAILING OUT OF MY BRAIN CELLS. MAGGIEEEEE QUENTIN! GUS!!! I laughed so hard at Gus and Maggie in book #1 so I’m super happy they’ll be more. I’m so happy you liked it! I LOVED THE FIRST BOOK REALLY BADLY. OMG. I’m going to go sit down and calm myself now. Thanks a lot. You’ve totally hyped me up.

  3. Best sci-fi that you’ve read? OMG EMILY, YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO PRESSURED TO JUST START THIS ONE. I’ve had Disruption for ageees but have yet to pick it up. But now that it’s complete, I feel a tad more compelled to! Plus I love banter and I’ll read anything that does it well.

    And even though I TOTALLY saw that ending coming, I still cried my eyes out.
    Actually, I almost began crying on the train this morning, because I thought about it.
    It was horrible.
    And I think the thing I love most about these two books was the (almost) complete lack of a love triangle!! It was SO NICE!!
    I now have to go and read everything else Jessica Shirvington.

  5. Hah, well the blank covers are actually other books that have no covers yet, but I still agree, THIS BOOK WAS LIKE NO OTHERRRR. It’s just sah beautiful, amirite? YES, that ending, though. Can we cry together, Em?

  6. Yep. I definitely have to read these books. I’ve been seeing reviews for them all over the place lately! I even have a copy of disruption, so really I have NO excuse for not having read them. xD I think the author is a GREAT writer, so I’m very excited to give this one a read. 😀

  7. Buahahaha love it! I just finished this as well this week and it was definitely an emotional rollercoaster ride. OH GUS, MY LOVE. 😥 I loved the dynamic between them, the banter was just so perfect. And I grew to love Maggie and Quin as well. Sad to see it end, but it was good as a duology. 🙂 Lovely review Ems

  8. Yesss I am so glad you loved it as well Emily! I mean how awesome was the M-Band technology and Gus and Maggie’s friendship? You are totally right with them actually communicating their issues and working through it with all the drama. In fact the drama was put to bed and they were able to concentrate on the awesome plot! yeahhhh! Lovely review hun!

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  10. I really excited about this book! I need to read it soon because you guys have literally been raving about this series since forever. I need to feel all these feels. And plus, Snape approves so, I have to read it right? Thank you for the amazing review Emily!

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