This Week I Finished NaNoWriMo (huzzah!)

No Stacking the Shelves this week! I know, crazy. I only got one book and it was Fairytales for Wilde Girls by Allyse Near. IT LOOKS AMAZING. But it’s probably a good thing, because I’ve barely been reading at all.

And that’s because I finished NaNoWriMo.

nanowrimo progress

So on the 9th of November I did a 10k day. Which was exhausting (also I worked for five hours that night and got up early the next morning…that was crazy).

I AM VERY TIRED RIGHT NOW. But I’m going to finish the novel by the end of November. I just might go a bit slower now, because I have HSC assessments and my dad’s moving house and I have School Spec and I really should be reading some books. Darn this Australian heat and making me feel sleepy.

BUT I WILL PREVAIL. I am determined. Stubborn, maybe. But we’ll go with determined.

Anyway, though, I’m really excited by this story. It’s awful in many places, but that’s what second/third/fourth etc. drafts are for. I love my characters and the banter and Molly’s mum and getting to write KISSING SCENES (which is a first for me, because I rarely write romance).

SO I’m very happy with it, basically.

In celebration, here are some more snippets.


snippet 5


snippet 6


snippet 7


Books Read Since Last Week

this shattered world

Only one again – THE SHAME. Which is strange when I’m used to reading 3 or 4 a week. Review will be coming soon, I promise!

Currently Reading

fairytales for wilde girls

Reading Next

the program

This one’s due at the library soon, so I’ve got to get onto it!

Gif of the Week

This was not a hard one to choose.

Posts on the Blog

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Thursday: Review of Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

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29 thoughts on “This Week I Finished NaNoWriMo (huzzah!)

  1. Congrats on finishing NaNoWriMo!!! *throws confetti* *hands over cake* (because this sort of achievement deserves it right?) Hope you have a great week ahead 🙂

  2. OKAY SNIPPET #2 IS MY FAVOURITE OF THE WORLD. I absolutely busted up laughing because showering is a long and tedious procedure. Gosh. All the things one must complete. Summoning Satan might as well just slip in there with the rest, I say. These are gold, Emily, JUST GOLD. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
    Ooh, I’m reading This Shattered World right now! I’m very excited, about 100-pages in….and I don’t love it as much as book 1, but it’s still good!
    Our library is like promoting a bunch of books and Fairytales of Wilde Girls is one of them! SQUEE. I think I have it on reserve? Because I’m easily convinced to read books if my library has large posters of it. *shrugs* Hey. What’s a person to do when they’re attempting to read all the books?
    Heat…*melts and cries* Sleepy is right. It’s not even summer yet and we’re already burning the continent.


      I saw you rated it four stars. Which is one star more than me. OOOH Fairytales for Wilde Girls is SO GOOD so far 😛 Just…just so good and with amazing writing and yeah. I like fairytales.

      UGH the heat is killing me.

  3. CONGRATS ON FINISHING NA NO! *GIVES EVERYBODY CAKE!* THAT’S SO EXCITING! Snippet #2 is just perfect! Wash and condition, wash, shave and rinse. Ridiculous! What is your story about? AND OMG SNIPPET #1! Raw meat or strawberry flavored jelly bean! I don’t know about you, but my sister did the jelly bean challenge with all the joke beans, she tried to drag into it but, heck no! 😛 They are all disgusting flavors!
    Anywayz….. congrats on finishing NA NO!

  4. Congratulations on finishing NaNoWriMo! I love how you incorporated that jelly bean game. I did that with my friends once, and it was a very interesting experience. We started to feel really sick after we got a bunch of disgusting ones, so we just started tearing them open and smelling them to see what flavor they were. It was really fun, but it was definitely a one time thing.

  5. YOU FINISHED NANO! I really like the second chapter. ONE OF THOSE IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER HAHAHAHAHA! Also, yes for This Shattered World! Did you like it? I will know soon enough I guess 😀

  6. Ha ha. That Voldy gif. Somehow, I just knew that was going to be this week’s gif of the week. 😉

    I am SO not a fan of this heat, too. Not at all. It makes me lazy. Very lazy. I’m just inclined to sit in front of my fan the whole day and not move when it’s hot. =/ Not great for my productivity levels, that’s for sure, haha. xD

    CONGRATS AGAIN ON FINISHING NANOWRIMO! HAHA, oh my gosh, those excerpts. Especially the second one. How do you come up with such awesomeness?

    • How could it NOT be the gif of the week?

      It makes me sleepy, too. And I forget to eat things because I don’t feel like it. Plus…cockroaches and flies. Ugh.

      Haha, I have an over-active imagination and weird friends who propose we eat those disgusting jellybeans 😛

  7. Woo go Emily! *applauds* YOU FINISHED NANOWRIMO!!!!

    Love the excerpts! So good! I love how Crispin is the 2nd best third-wheeler in the world (1st has to go to Isaac/Nat Wolff. I’m sorry)

    Also I have to give a bit of credit to the Jack Sparrow gif. I’m sorry but can I nominate it for gif of the week next week?

    Lucy @ My Little Life

  8. YAY YOU FINISHED NANO! CONGRATSSSS!!! Omg, I know I’m terrible but I take showers like Crispin. Time wise though, not the sitting down thing HAHAHHAAH I can’t wait to read your This Shattered World review! I’m determined to get an ebook something read before I tuck into this one though! HAVE FUN AT SCHOOOOOOL SPEC! (When is that again? Soon, right?)

  9. I’m totally just going to use that GIF everywhere, fyi. IT’S TOO PERFECT.
    And congrats on finishing NaNo so early! 😀 I loved your snippets – Crispin is so cute. (I can vouch for the summoning Satan thing, by the way. There’s a reason we take so long! ;))

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