Mockingjay, Hot Weather and Maleficent


* I saw Mockingjay at the movies on opening day. There were hardly any people. No idea why. But it was amaaaaaayyyyyzing, definitely my favourite of the three so far. I’ll be reviewing it this week.

* It was hot. As in, 40 degrees hot (that’s more than 100 for you ‘Murican people). And I was dancing in that heat. So clearly I am invincible.

* I also watched Maleficent finally. That’s not related to YA or anything. I just thought you’d like to know. Oh, and also I loved it.

* It’s also sinking in that I’ve done my first HSC assessment. So that’s terrifying. And I’ve got about twenty seven million in the next two weeks, so you might not be seeing as much of me around the interwebs!

Disclaimer: that’s a lie. You probably will. I do a lot of procrastinating.


Books Read Since Last Week

the selection the program

We’re back to two books again, hurrah! Although I’ve done next to nothing on NaNoWriMo, and all my time is spent with school work. I really liked The Selection, though. The Program…not so much.

Currently Reading

fairytales for wilde girls

This. Is. Awesome. The writing style reminds me of The Book Thief and it’s just so cool.

Reading Next

egg and spoon

Yep, I’m going to tackle this massive book. I was GOING to read All Our Yesterdays, but my sister stole it so I have to wait for her. And she’s slow.

Gif of the Week

This cat is majestic.

Posts on the Blog

Monday: I matched Disney songs with YA books

Tuesday: I talked about the sequels I desperately need to read

Thursday: I told you all a bit more about my NaNoWriMo novel

Saturday: I reviewed This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

Did anyone else see Mockingjay? AND DID YOU LOVE IT??


40 thoughts on “Mockingjay, Hot Weather and Maleficent

  1. I saw Mockingjay yesterday! There was barely any people! I expected it to be like for the other movies where you had to get there early but nope. Personally I don’t think they’ve done enough marketing because some people I talk don’t even know it’s in cinemas yet. And they are pretty big fans.

    Gah I still need to see Maleficent. Good luck with your assessments 🙂

  2. I need to see Maleficent too! Maybe I’ll watch it tonight. And omg I want to read Fairytales for Wilde Girls so badly! TELL ME IF IT’S GOOD OKAY? OMG!
    (and plus, I’m, like, the biggest procrastinator too omg I’m actually so bad)

  3. I read Egg and Spoon. It’s a good book. Also, by coincidence, I have the first book in that trilogy…sort of. I thought I checked out “The Selection”, but it was really the third one. Oops. Good thing I realized that before I read it.

  4. Yeah, I was totally surprised at the lack of people at MJ1. I was expecting a full theater with lines of people, but no. My kids were a little miffed we were in town more than 3 hrs early, but I took them to dinner and we had bonding time. I LOVED the movie. Can’t wait to see it again. I loved how they showed more about the rebellion than they did in the books. And the scene with the dam? Everyone of those rebels knew they were going to die. Singing the Hanging Tree just sealed the emotional deal for me. It was amazing! I can’t even talk about Peeta, though. I just can’t! (And it was 27 American degrees, so really, really cold!)

    • It was so bizarre! We booked tickets early and we didn’t even need to, it was that empty. I really want to see it again too! I loved how they showed the rescue of the tributes. I have the sudden urge to read the books again. OH my gosh I know, that scene was just so powerful. And the song…I can’t stop singing it.

  5. I SAW THE MOCKINGJAY TODAY! IT WAS GOOD BUT SAD. I’m excited for the next movie even though I already know what’s going to happen 😛

    Aww you didn’t like The Program?? I can’t wait to see your review on it!

  6. Ooh glad to hear you liked Maleficent too! I saw it at the movies when it came out and really enjoyed it as well – Angelina Jolie did a great job playing her. Egg and Spoon looks really interesting, so looking forward to seeing what you think. I can’t wait to see Mockingjay soon – it’s gotten some positive hype so far so I can’t wait 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic week and survive your assessments!

    • That would have been fun on big screen! Angelina Jolie’s great. Her CGI-cheekbones were scary though O_O Egg and Spoon DOES look interesting. Yayyyy can’t wait to hear what you think of Mockingjay. And good luck with all your assessments too!!

  7. So glad you loved Mockingjay, Em! I’ve yet to have a chance to see it, unfortunately. 😦 And glad you liked Maleficent – I’ve been meaning to watch that one for a while. Oh no, 40 DEGREE HEAT. I hate it. Melbourne weather is the weirdest, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Today, it was only about 24 degrees, which is generally okay, right? But no. It felt like at least 35 degrees. Safe to say, I was dying. Glad you enjoyed The Selection – such a light and fun read, no? Sorry you didn’t enjoy The Program, I’ve only heard positive things about that one so far and am looking forward to reading it myself. I honestly CANNOT WAIT to see what you think of Fairytales for Wilde Girls – that’s another one I keep looking at in the bookstore but never buying. Also, I LOVE that cover of Egg & Spoon, so hopefully that’s another lovely read for you. Hopefully this next week is a good week for you, despite all of those assessments! I’m sure you’ll do well on them all.

    • Aww, that’s a shame. I’m lucky I could see it opening day 🙂 UGHHH IT GOT TO 45 DEGREES YESTERDAY. IT WAS AWFUL. Crazy. But then today felt almost as hot and it was only 35?? Weird. Yesss The Selection was awesome, but didn’t like The Program at all…each to their own.

      BUY IT. Fairytales for Wilde Girls is awesome and beautiful and I love it. YES the cover is great of Egg and Spoon, and the guy wrote Wicked, so I’m expecting great things 🙂

  8. I find it hilariously coincidental that I just watched the cinemasins for Maleficent and here you are, talking about it! I haven’t seen it yet, just because I’ve been lacking on my Disney films lately. SOON. I wasn’t a fan of The Program either but it’s the stronger one of the duology. If you didn’t like the first one then don’t venture into the next one because… :/ OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO READ ALL OUR YESTERDAYS, OK!

  9. I read the title and thought that you went to watch Mockingjay in the 40 degree heat and I’m like giiirrrlll you craay. But then again, Thursday probably felt like 40 degrees anyway. This week has been crazy!

  10. I saw Mockingjay yesterday with my bestie, her mom, and her brother. It was awesome!!! Although since I’ve read the books I knew everything that would happen, and my friend didn’t. 😛 I tried EXTREMELY HARD not to spoil it for her. And even though I really don’t like Peeta, seeing him hijacked was just…I almost CRIED. I NEVER CRY [because I’m too amazing–JK, it’s because…I dunno XD].
    I saw Maleficent in June with a different friend and loved it. It was so funny how the actress who plays Prof. Umbridge in HP was one of the fairies in Maleficent. [Did you catch that?] Fun fact: I’ve never seen the original Disney Sleeping Beauty. I just know the story and read a story similar to it. Weird, right?
    Sounds like your week was fun. 🙂 I’m going to end this comment now and write.

    • Oooh that would have been interesting. Were they asking you every 5 seconds what was happening? Because that would totally annoy me 😛 I KNOW OH MY GOSH IT WAS SAD. I still don’t like Josh Hutcherson that much, but he’s getting better 🙂

      YES as soon as Umbridge got on-screen I was like awesommmmm this is going to be good 🙂

  11. 40 degrees! Whoo! I would have passed out on my sofa…(or bed, whichever is cooler) and melted. I can barely survive it when it reaches 24 degrees (which, some tell me, is room temperature. O.O). Luckily here in London it’s pretty cool…I’m just waiting for the snow. So unfair. (And you danced? Wow, kudos to you my friend).

  12. Oh gosh these 30-40 degree days are crazy right? I don’t know what we’ll do without living in aircon. Sounds like you’re doing pretty well still reading in amongst doing Nano and assessments! Best of luck to you my friend. I really loved Mockingjay as well, I thought it was brilliant and really jerked on the heart. Loved Maleficient too!

  13. Heat and I, just don’t get along too well. My pasty white skin burns like a roast chicken and I’m one of those who whinges when it hits 30. I hate summer in Melbourne, it’s always so freaking hot. I couldn’t live without air con. I turn it up and lay on the couch and read. If I could get away with it, I’d get one of those little kids paddling pools and put it in the middle of my lounge and squeeze my not far off 6ft body in there.

    Egg & Spoon a hefty read? I seen it online and was thinking about buying it, but anything over 500 pages and I tend to buy the Kindle versions. I’d rather not end up with a hook for a hand after all these heavy books cripple me.

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