Why You Should Watch Mockingjay (like right now)


I don’t usually review movies.

This is because 1) I have no idea what I’m talking about, and 2) I don’t actually watch too many movies.

But if 1) it’s an adaptation of a YA book and 2) I DID in fact watch it, I’ll probably review it.

Like I did with The Fault in Our Stars

Dear Mockingjay…

Ha. See what I did there? With Jennifer Lawrence? GET IT?

Okay I’ll stop.

So first off, the acting was amazing.

First off we have Jennifer Lawrence.

AKA Queen of Derp. I don’t know how this girl became Katniss Everdeen, but she did. She was absolutely incredible. The way she portrayed Katniss – broken, but still determined to fight – was all I ever wanted. And it was powerful. Seriously, this girl can act (as if you didn’t already know it).

I was also really surprised by Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. He brought something that I really hadn’t seen from him before. I was really impressed by how both these two made Peeta and Katniss come to life.

We also had some new characters.

The most intriguing, to me, was Coin. In the book, I hated her. I cheered at a certain event towards the end. But in the movie, she’s portrayed differently – she’s just someone who wants to keep her people alive. So it’ll be interesting to see what they do in part 2 of the movie.

Then we had Cressida, and the rest of the new team. I thought she was pretty awesome.

We saw new things from some characters as well.

For instance, Effie.

I ALMOST DIDN’T RECOGNISE HER. But what I do like is that she provided some much-needed comedy to the movie. As did Haymitch, who appears occasionally. Those moments of humour took the edge off occasionally, and I thought they worked really well against the bleak nature of this one.

Basically, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

It was my least favourite book out of the three, but it’s my favourite movie so far.

It made me feel all of the feels. It was powerful. It was sad. It was beautiful in some parts. It made me tear up. I think my favourite part was when Katniss goes to District 8 – I won’t say anymore, but it involves this:

I also loved the song. The Hanging Tree song. Jennifer Lawrence is no brilliant singer, but she IS a brilliant actor, and the song was a really nice touch, I thought. I’m glad they put it in.

Oh, and I TOTALLY called the ending. Just saying.

Eight friends and I went to see this movie (and if you think that’s easy to organise, think again). We were all hypothesising about where they would end the movie. And I called it. BUT NOW I really want to watch the next one.

Although I’d settle for watching Mockingjay again. Maybe a few dozen times.

That would be good.

As for how faithful it was to the book…

I actually haven’t read the series for a while. I do know there were some direct quotes from the book, but they also changed a lot (well, splitting it into two, they kind of have to). But it kept all of the most important things. Including that bloody cat.

Have you seen Mockingjay? What did you think? Or if you haven’t seen it, what’s your favourite YA adaptation?



25 thoughts on “Why You Should Watch Mockingjay (like right now)

  1. I saw Mockingjay and didn’t like it. I myself am not a big fan of THG, but I thought the movies were at least decent, if not better than the books. This one was disappointing. I feel like most of it was just Katniss crying and being bland as usual. I love how Haymitch pointed that out asked if there was ever a time Katniss actually moved anyone (no). The only interesting parts were the snippets of the revolution.

    But I realize I’m a minority because all my friends love it, and the audience at the theater was pretty excited.

  2. I haven’t seen it yet, but you make me want to! Because like you, it was my least favorite book of the series. Katniss went from brave and brilliant to this girl who just went around feeling sorry for herself. At least in
    the book. Please tell me that’s one of the changes they made for the


    i’ve been listening to the hanging tree all day yesterday in preparation for mockingjay (that’s what all sane ppl do right? no? okay.. okay) and i still don’t think i’m ready for them FEELS. i love the hunger games cast, i feel like they NAILED every single character because i honestly cannot imagine anyone else taking their role now. super excited and thankyousomuch!

    alicia @ noverly things

  4. Gah I haven’t watched it yet but I really need to! I’m glad you liked it so much. It makes me more excited to watch it. I was worried that it will be too slow like the book but looks like it turned out okay! 😀

  5. I saw it last Wednesday and it was good. I like it. I was a bit disappointed that they divided it into 2 parts and I was worried that the first part would be boring because all the action happens in the latter part of the book. So I was surprised that it turned up pretty great. This was my favorite book among the three mainly because of Peeta. I think we’ll see an even better performance from Josh in the next movie and I’m really excited about that. Awesome review, Emily! 🙂

  6. I’m actually going to watch it this week with my family and some friends, and you are making me SOOO excited Emily! 😀 I really enjoyed the first two movies and am so glad to hear that this one is just as fantastic. Jennifer Lawrence is such a talented actress, and she embodies Katniss perfectly. Honestly, I don’t think I could imagine anyone else as Katniss because she is pheonominal. This was my least favorite book as well (the first will always be my favorite because RUE! 😦 ) , BUT, like you, I still adored it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Emily – I can’t wait to go see it for myself now!

    • GET EXCITED. YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE IT (I hope). I didn’t like the first one as much, but this one was SO great. I feel the same with Harry Potter – couldn’t imagine other Rons/Harrys/Hermiones. YES first book is my favourite too. Still need to get it back off my cousin…

  7. I haven’t yet, as our local cinemas were packed. I’m so excited to see it, and after your review even more so! That GIF of Effie, someone really needs to tell her than someone’s stolen her eyebrows. Now I’m trying to guess where they cut off for the finale movie too.

    Thanks for sharing Em, I can’t wait to see it too ❤

  8. THE CAT MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH. SO MUCH THAT IN FACT, I THINK IT MAY HAVE MADE THE MOVIE FOR ME. Is that crazy? It is, isn’t it? I loved the whole politics side to this one but unfortunately, it wasn’t a crazy favourite of mine. That being said, I wasn’t really impressed by the book either but hey, I enjoyed the AMAZING acting! And the song has been stuck in my head for ages. Fabulous review, Emily. You’ll be convincing everyone to go with this review ❤ x

  9. Great to hear that you loved it Emily – now I’m even more excited to go and see it myself! There seems to be a growing trend with splitting the last book into two movies, but at least in this case it seems to have worked with part 1 really well. I’m looking forward to seeing where they cut it (which I’m sure will leave a cliffhanger), and since I haven’t read the series in a while either, I’m not going to be too fussed about how close it is to the book (which admittedly was my least favourite of the three). Anyhow, fantastic review and thanks for giving me even more reasons to go and watch this 🙂

    • I KNOW I don’t like how they’re splitting everything. THey should have split HP 5, I think. That would have been good (they missed so much!). It was my least favourite book out of the three as well…but the movie has really done it justice, thank goodness 🙂

  10. I just watched this movie on the weekend and absolute LOVE. Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong in my eyes, but in addition to her there was some incredible acting especially on part of Peeta, Gale and Coin! I mean Gale’s conflicted attitude was something we never got to really see before and I loved the moments between him and Katniss. And Peeta, just wow. My heart totally broke for me. So glad to hear you enjoyed it too Emily! That ending was disturbing lol.

  11. I MUST WATCH THIS. I MUST. Though… if I’m being honest, I didn’t really love Catching Fire like everyone else seemed to. O.o I mean, it was okay — but I found it a little dull. Hence why, admittedly, I am apprehensive to watch this. So thrilled you thought it was good, though. Definitely going to go watch it. 🙂

  12. BUAHAHA that cat was so fat I wanted to steal it for cuddles 😛 I went to watch it again yesterday with the bf and loved it just as much the second time. Jennifer is just wonderful isn’t she? She is literally the perfect Katniss and I can’t imagine anyone else being her. Josh also stepped up his acting game, and I was very impressed with his portrayal towards the end. So glad you loved this!!

  13. Glad you enjoyed this one, Em! I definitely have to see it sooner rather than later. The general consensus seems to be that it’s a good film, which I’m glad about. Mockingjay is without a doubt my least favourite book in the trilogy, so I was a bit annoyed that the decided to split it into two parts (I swear, every book series to movie adaptation does that now. Ever since HP…), I thought it was a bit ridiculous, to be honest. Especially because the first half was pretty boring for me…but it sounds as though they did a good job for what they had to work with. 🙂

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