Stacking the Shelves + Past and Future Book Week

So this week has been exciting! It was the second last week of school (three days left) and we’re still busily working away. We had a half-mufti day on Friday (wearing Christmas accessories) and we could buy candy canes or Christmas carols for people, which were delivered in class.

It was ALSO Past and Future Book Week here on the blog.

past and future book week

I think we had a lot of fun. Well, I did at least, flailing about all my anticipated books of 2015 (there are still more lists to come, so look out for that!).

The #OzYAChat of this week was also about upcoming releases – Aussie ones. You can see the checklist here.

Plus it’s Project for Awesome! Check out some of the awesome perks you can get.

(ALTHOUGH I’m slightly annoyed. Well, when I say slightly I mean GREATLY. I was going to buy the snazzy green version of TFIOS, but spent so long trying to decide that when I refreshed the page, the price had gone up 50%. I was not impressed).

Buuuuuut I got some excellent books this week, so I can’t complain too much.


Stacking the Shelves is a book meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It’s all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual.

The Books

sts 13-12-14 2

I DID have a lovely photo of them all the right way up, but it won’t upload for some stupid reason.

But anyway. From top to bottom we have:

The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin – can’t WAIT to read this. The second book blew my mind. Thanks to Simon and Schuster for the copy!

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart – I’ve actually read this one before, and…um, didn’t like it, but I might gift it to someone. Thanks to Allen and Unwin for this surprise copy (it’s so pretty, too!)

My True Love Gave to Me by assorted authors – I was Christmas shopping and saw this at Dymocks – I just HAD to buy it. It’s so pretty!

Hansel and Gretel and The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman – these were 50% off in the Bloomsbury sale and are SO beautiful. Plus, they’re totally research for my fairytale retelling…

Also, my sister and I chose some books to take to England with us, so we can share the weight. We actually agreed on SIX. It’s a miracle.

Books Read Since Last Week

egg and spoon hope in a ballet shoe

The reason I only read two books is that Egg and Spoon is a monster of a book. And I didn’t even end up liking it, so that’s disappointing.But Hope in a Ballet Shoe was INCREDIBLE. Love love loved it. So that kind of made up for it.

Currently Reading

my true love gave to me 2

I’ve read the first story by Rainbow Rowell and I LOVED IT.

Reading next

mara dyer 3

Because I don’t think I can wait much longer.

Gif of the week

That’s my passive-aggressive message to all the books coming out next year.

Posts on the Blog

Monday: Loony Blurbs returns, and this time it’s a 2015 edition! You can link up all through December.

loony blurbs 4

Tuesday: I talked about my favourite new authors in 2014.

Wednesday: I talked about the contemporary books I’m excited for in 2015.

Thursday: A review of All Our Yesterdays.

Friday: the fairytales and retellings I’m excited for in 2015.

Saturday: And finally, the creepy and/or crimey books of 2015.

Christmas is getting closer and it’s only two weeks until I’m on a plane to England. MUCH EXCITE.

20 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves + Past and Future Book Week

  1. Woah, only 6 books? You guys have control. XD But I suppose, yes, planes and weight and all that. See THAT is where kindle’s are lifesavers. 😉 Ohhhh, I totally want to read that Neil Gaiman book someday. RESEARCH FOR SURE. *nods*

  2. Hope you enjoy Neil Gaiman’s novels! They really are atmospheric with the illustrations and slightly tweaked storylines from the originals. It’s great to hear that Hope in a Ballet Shoe is really good – I’m hoping to read it soon. I was contemplating whether to buy My True Love Gave To Me or not since I don’t usually read short story collections, but now that I’ve been continually hearing good things about it, I think it’s time to take the plunge. Hope you have a good time in England and enjoy a ‘white Christmas’! 🙂

  3. My True Love Gave To Me truly is gorgeous. That’s why I picked it up too. xD I’m more than halfway through it and loving it! — well, most of it anyway!

  4. MUFTI DAYS! Oh, how I used to love those. ❤ Except being home schooled was like having a mufti day every day… which kind of became boring after awhile, aha. xD Niiiiiiiice pile of books, too. I can't wait to read My True Love Gave to Me, because it's just such a gorgeous looking book, even though I'm not that much of a fan of short stories. Also, can't wait to see what you think of the third Mara Dyer book! I'm really looking forward to that.

    You must be relieved that school is almost over for the year though. Have fun in England. 😀

    • But you could just go to school in your pyjamas! That’s freaking AWESOME. Uniforms are just ugh. Especially when we have to wear ties. I’m not a BIG fan of short stories either, but I made an exception. OOOH and yes, the third Mara Dyer book sounds intrigggguing.

      SO relieved. Three days…I can do this…

  5. Oh man that must suck! It sucks that the price went back up when you refreshed 😦 Those Neil Gaiman books look beautiful! I saw them at Dymocks the other day but I didn’t get to buy them because I had to use my money on buying other people presents instead, bah.

    Have a lovely week, Em! <33

  6. SCHOOL IS NEARLY DONE AND THEN IT’S HOLIDAYYY TIME (HAHAHAHAHAHA except, have fun battling that major work <3)

    I need to finish up MTLGTM this week. There's no longer an excuse to prolong this anymore. I mean, it's like Christmas so so soon!

  7. You literally have all the books from my Christmas wish list there. Jealous. Especially of the Neil Gaiman books :/

    Happy reading!

  8. Enjoy England! I really want to read My True Love Gave to Me, it looks so good and it’s SO PRETTY! I love fairy tale retellings, so I’ll have to check Gaiman’s books out! 🙂

  9. Oh my God, Em! That’s so cool how you were able to buy candy canes or a carol for people at your school! I must admit, that my first thought after reading that was of Mean Girls! 😛 That green edition of TFioS is very snazzy – though it is very pricey, unfortunately…though I totally understand why that is. I don’t think I’ve made it around to all of the past and future book week posts yet, but I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve read. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy Retribution, Em! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy The Disreputable History – that ones on my TBR, because even though I didn’t enjoy We Were Liars, I do want to try something else by E. Lockhart. AND YES. MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME. GAH! So beautiful! ❤ It's on my Christmas wishlist, though I'm not typcially a big fan of short stories. I got those two Neil Gaiman graphic novels during the sale two – such bargains, how could I resist? 😉 I've read them both and I loved them both. Egg & Spoon is gorgeous, so it's a shame it wasn't for you. Will you be reviewing it?

  10. I just LOVE the cover to My True Love Gave To Me, hopefully my true love will give that book to me hahah! It’s going on the Birthday list next month! I got the Disreputable History as well, sad to hear you didn’t enjoy it! I can’t believe it’s Christmas soon, I’m so incredibly excited!

  11. Woah, you’re going to England! That’s so cool 😉 Which city?

    GAHH the cover for My True Love Gave To Me is GORGEOUS. Totally on the Christmas wishlist. Hope you enjoy it 😀 I’ve only read two Neil Gaiman books – The Graveyard Book and Coraline – and they were amazing, so this one should be pretty good too.

    MORIARTY GIF XD *squeals*

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