Mermaids and Witches – I review Atlantia and Egg and Spoon

So I don’t like giving out two star ratings to books.

Buuuuuuut sometimes things happen. And I’m not going to give three or four stars to it, because that’s unfair to the other awesome books. STILL. It makes me sad. So these are going to be mini-reviews. And bear in mind that there are still good things about these books!


Atlantia by Ally Condie



Author: Ally Condie

Genre: YA dystopian/fantasy-ish

Length: 368 pages

Source: Received for review (thanks, Penguin!!)



So. It wasn’t about mermaids.

Many bloggers have established this. It made me sad nevertheless.

(And no, that gif doesn’t relate to anything…I just love Rebel Wilson)

So, this one had an interesting world. Everyone lives underwater because above is polluted and stuff, but they’re given a choice to go Above. And Bay (our main character’s sister) ends up going Above.

It was a decent enough story. I just failed to connect to any of the characters, and the writing was quite slow. There were parts when I was like, “is this really necessary?” It felt like a lot of it was unneeded.

Plus, this book has what I’m now calling The Selection Syndrome. As in…what’s with the names, man? RIO and BAY and TRUE and…

You get the picture.

This one just wasn’t for me, unfortunately.

Rating: 2/5 Wonderkitties


Egg and Spoon by Gregory Maguire

egg and spoon


Author: Gregory Maguire

Genre: YA fantasy

Length: 475 pages

Source: received for review (thanks, Walker books!)


The best part about this book is the witch, Baba Yaga.

Her sarcasm was the BEST. But she didn’t even appear in the story until like 150 pages in. She and the cat (Mewster) have some awesome conversations with Ekaterina. There’s lots of talk about eating children. It’s great.

UNFORTUNATELY, the rest wasn’t so great. It dragged on. A lot. I confess to skimming…like, a lot. I mean, it’s a mammoth of a book. You could kill a small child with it. It didn’t need to be that long!

Which is a shame because the dude wrote Wicked which I’ve heard is amazing.

It’s such a shame because this had the potential to be awesome – it had Baba Yaga, two girls at the centre of the story, and lots of cool fantasy elements. But it was way too boring for me.

Rating: 2/5 Wonderkitties




24 thoughts on “Mermaids and Witches – I review Atlantia and Egg and Spoon

  1. Wicked is … ha ha ha…no Wicked. *cries because is only half way through after reading it for 15 days* It’s more boring than Egg and Spoon and I’M SO SAD. I completely understand skimming in Egg & Spoon. I originally gave it three-stars but I really enjoyed it in retrospect, sooo it got 4. xD Baba Yaga and Mewster were hilarious, but seriously, it didn’t feel like a kids book?!! I can’t imagine getting through that when I was 12.
    Atlantia was just…no.

  2. Your review of Egg and Spoon pretty much described how I felt about Wicked too. Only that also had the sin of jumping around – I’d just get into a story arc and then, bam, we’ve skipped ahead 10 years! Wuh?

    I haven’t seen the musical but I’ve got the soundtrack and am familiar with the story. THAT is good.

  3. I didn’t enjoy Atlantia that much either. I think I would have preferred a mermaid story, haha. It was just so slow going at times and she spent so much time in that pool swimming. But then it didn’t even matter and wasn’t needed in the end. WHY!??!? Gah… yeah, no. Egg and Spoon doesn’t really interest me, even though I enjoyed Wicked, I’ve not seen many good reviews.

  4. I know Cait said something similar about Egg and Spoon but she ended up enjoying it more. I still want to read the book though because I realllly want to meet Baba Yaga. She sounds like a reallly fun character. PLUS THE TITLE (i already mentioned this on Cait’s review). THE TITLE is calling out to me. I mean common, Egg and Spoon. Now where is my breakfast?

    I am sorry you didn’t have much luck with either books, Emily! 😦

    I don’t think I’d enjoy Atlantia though. I mean those names sound too ridiculous plus based on my attempts at reading Matched, I feel like her writing style wouldn’t work for me *sigh*.

    Lovely minis, hon! 🙂

  5. I was offered Atlantia to review but I declined because I’ve read Matched and Crossed before and I didn’t enjoy the writing style really and the pacing was quite slow in the books, so I knew I probably wouldn’t enjoy it. And for Egg and Spoon…I might not read it because I like books with a lot of action and a fast pace. Lovely reviews! ❤

  6. Yeah, Atlantia was incredibly disappointing and draggy as well. I just felt like there was SO MUCH questioning in that one to fill up the pages and the character was kind of whiny. I haven’t read Egg and Spoon yet though, and hey Baba Yaga sounds cool right? Too bad it was draggy.

    Wonderful reviews Emily!

  7. Oh bummer with the 2/5 star reads, but not every book can be amazing, unfortunately. So sad to hear that Egg & Spoon was a let down, I love retellings and this sounded so unique and awesome! And I really need to start Wicked omg. It’s been on my shelves for 10 years…

    And Atlantia…haha I wasn’t really expecting anything amazing from that book. I’ve read Matched by the same author and it was a total snooze fest. Oh well 😦

    Hope you next read is a lot better than these two!

  8. I don’t even want to read Atlantia anymore because the general consensus is it was such a disappointment. I know Paula hated it quite a lot… I kept seeing her 1 star review on Goodreads haha. From what I heard, the MC was even similarly written to the author’s other heroine from her Matched series… which was known for being a really boring character. I’m not even gonna touch that. :S

    Baba Yaga is such a cool name, too bad the book was meh 😦 And now, for some reason, I can’t get the name Baba Yaga out of my head. Damn it, Emily! Haha.

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • Yeah, pretty sure I haven’t seen a single glowing review. Which is a shame. But it’s not like I’m going to rate it higher just because of sympathy! Shame it has the same faults as Matched – you’d think she’d learn from that.

      Lol you’re welcome. Baba Yaga is a great name 🙂

  9. Sad to see you didn’t enjoy these books as much as you wanted to Emily – but like some of the comments said above, it’s definitely true that we aren’t going to love every single book we read. I’ve got a copy of Atlantia to read which is up next on my review pile, and I’m hoping that it goes okay for me since I actually ended up enjoying the Matched trilogy. Hope you have better luck with your next reads!

  10. Skip, skip with both then…Weird names just don’t do it for me. I can’t get over them. I mean, there’s someone called True, right? Plus I’m not exactly a Condie fan and people have said that this is the same writing as her last series so no thank you. And Egg and Spoon with its sarcasm but rather missing plot? Eh…No thanks either. BUT THANK YOU FOR THE REVIEWS! ❤ x

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  12. I hate giving out 2 stars as well but you know what, it’s totally fine because that Rebel Wilson gif just makes everything a thousand times better! Plus, I know this is bad but I’ve seen so many negative reviews of Atlantia that it doesn’t even affect me any more. Although I haven’t heard of Egg and Spoon. But I mean, it doesn’t sound like something I’d read anyway; 😛

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