The Heroine Tag (ALL the awesome gals)

the heroine tag

So it was the fabulous Cait @Paper Fury who tagged me for this one (hey, I have to blame SOMEONE for all these tags). You can see her post here.

1. Which heroine would you trade places with?

Mia from The Princess Diaries.

She gets to be a PRINCESS. That is so cool. And also she stamps on the dude who’s trying to steal her throne while looking totally hot. That is what I aspire to.

2. Which heroine would you push off a cliff and hope that there are some jagged rocks at the bottom?

Well…that escalated quickly.

But I really did not care for Jam from that Belzhar book. She was just…ugh. No.

Okay, that was mean, I’m sorry.

Not really.

3. Heroine you couldn’t care less about? They’re so bland that they don’t even trigger the hate in you?

the programThe girl from The Program. See? Can’t even remember her name.

Which is a shame because I wanted to like this book.

But with the amount of books I read, I can’t be expected to remember all their names, surely. I don’t have enough brain-space for them all.

4. Heroine you thought you wouldn’t like and ending up liking and vice versa?

I thought I would like that girl from All Our Yesterdays. Em or Marina or whoever she is. But…nah, not really.

I didn’t think I would like America from The Selection. I was surprised! Although she needs to give that first boy the flick, seriously.

5. Side heroine who is much more interesting than main heroine?

cinderI dunno, man.

I kind of want a story from Iko’s perspective. I think it would be excellent.

6. Which heroine would you want as your friend?

Josie B from The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer.

You may be annoyed I keep mentioning it. But I’m not going to stop until everyone in the universe reads this book and bows down to its awesome-sauce-ness.

Anyway, I think Josie and I would have excellent fun tripping over our feet 24/7.

7. Which heroine do you wish would just CHOOSE (between the guys in her little love triangle)?


I don’t think I even have a ship anymore. There are too many boys for me to keep up with.

Plus, I trust Sarah J Maas’ ability to manipulate my feelings, so it’s no point having one ship when she’ll just convince me of another.

8. “Bad girl” heroine?

I’m looking at you, Maggie Stevens. She’s from Disruption, by the way. And she is bad-ARSE.

9. “Good girl” heroine?

since you've been goneI’m going to go with Emily from Since You’ve Been Gone.

She’s so awkward and adorable and sweet and…I just love her so much.

I need to reread this book.

10. Your favorite heroine of them all? (If you can’t choose, pick your top 3.)

I’m going to pick three.

Fittingly, Lyra Belacqua from His Dark Materials is numero uno.

Then we’ll go with Josie Browning from The Intern.

And then Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars.


…even though there are about a million more I want to include.

I tag:

Kelly @ Diva Booknerd

(mostly because I think your answer to the second question will be hilarious)

Mel @ YA Midnight Reads

(no Percabeth in this one, ha!)

Rebecca @ Reading Wishes

(because I keep forgetting to visit your blog and I feel guilty…)

Is there a heroine you have a burning hatred for? Am I the only nice one here??

Also, edit: it appears that the tag DOES HAVE AN ORIGIN, GUYS. Huzzah! And you can see the original post right here.


28 thoughts on “The Heroine Tag (ALL the awesome gals)

  1. Mia was amazing! And a princess! So cool! America was so great. I didn’t think I’d like her originally either! OMG A STORY BY IKO that is the best suggestion ever. We need books like that. I need to read The Intern… Sarah J. Maas does indeed manipulate you *shudders*. I liked Since You’ve Been Gone, but Emily just kinda annoyed me for some reason. She was very awkward though! 🙂

  2. Yes yes blame me. I feel like I tag you for ALL THE THINGS and then I feel guilty so I attempt to not tag as much. hehe. I want to see you do #1 too. The hair flip particularly. YOU NEED TO DO THIS. I also want to see you defend your throne and your crown and your small country.
    And if you ever forget a YA heroine’s name it’s probably Sloane or Wren. Not even kidding. What iiiiiis it with those names?!!
    Emily is adorable.
    And I had no idea that’s how you spelt Lyra’s last name. GO ME LEARNING NEW THINGS.

    • I’ll just blame you for everything, Cait 😛 LIKE THE GLITTER ALL OVER MY FLOOR.

      Well, I’m reading The Prince by Machiavelli for school soon, which is about how to get power…so look out.


      I like spelling. If I see something written down I don’t usually forget how it’s spelled 🙂

  3. Buahaha yes to the second answer, yet I can also think of someone else right away *points to most recent review* I unfortunately couldn’t connect with Josie as much as you did Em. BUT YES TO LYRA. His Dark Materials is one of my favourite series. SO GOOD

  4. You reminded me that I really need to reread His Dark Materials… I read them so long ago and can’t remember much, but I know that I loved them!

    I love this tag, all the answers are so funny, and everytime I see a new person do it, I am always definitely the most curious about how they answer the second question!!

  5. pssssht just you wait and see, Emily. I WILL TOTALLY FIND SOME WAY TO INCLUDE PERCABETH IN THIS TAG. JUST WATCH ME. I have a feeling that I would chose Emily from Since You’ve Been Gone too, she is such a well behaved and sweet chick.

    I loved reading your answers! 😀

  6. Great answers Emily! I haven’t read The Intern yet but I love how enthusiastic you are about it. Hazel Grace is definitely a beautiful heroine and your Princess Diaries gif brings back memories. There are so many heroines that I have forgotten because they just blended into the background, but I’m glad Celaena is on your list as a memorable one 🙂

    • I’m not going to tell you to read it because you’ll get sick of me but I’ll just subtly imply it instead 😛 I love the Princess Diaries movies! Childhood favourites for sure 🙂 but yeah, when you read a lot, some do fade away out of memory 😛

  7. I really love this tag. It’s pretty awesome. :’)

    I LOVE THE PRINCESS DIARIES SO MUCH. I actually kinda want to re-read those books, come to think of it. Hmm, pushing a heroine off a cliff…I can’t even think of one I hate enough to do that…I liked Jam, but she’s not a memorable character. So sorry you didn’t like the girl in The Program! I love the concept of that book, and I have it out from the library, but I have no idea when I’ll read it.

    I was surprised that I enjoyed America’s character (though not so much in The Elite…still yet to read The One.) All I’d heard about was how annoying she was, so I was expecting to be annoyed a lot more than I was. Ohh, Iko is cool. OKAY, EM. I WILL READ THE INTERN. Sooner or later…hopefully sooner. I think I’ll have to grab a copy next time I see it in store.

    TOO MANY BOYS? WHAT. THERE’S ANOTHER ONE? I’m so behind…I’ve only read Throne of Glass…I WILL READ CROWN OF MIDNIGHT BEFORE UNI, I WILL. Ooh, I love badass heroines – definitely should pick up my copy of Dirsuption which has been sitting on my shelf unread since its release…oops. Ohh, Emily is definitely a nice girl.

    Oh, I love Hazel! And you make me want to reread His Dark Materials!

    • It is awesome! I totally tag you if you want to do it 😀

      I LOVE THE PRINCESS DIARIES TOO. They were the first YA series I read, when I first started high school (maybe a bit before, even) and I gradually collected all 10 of the books.

      But yeah America’s quite nice. I’m worried to read The Elite now, though O_O YES OHMYGOSH READ THE INTERN. PLEASE 😛

      Lol there are so many boys. Especially in Heir of Fire. You definitely have to read them!!

      HIS DARK MATERIALS OH MY GOSH ❤ ❤ So much love for that series.

  8. I love Lyra Belacqua! She’s one of my favorites. Maybe even my favorite. She’s so good and cool!
    And as for(maybe not a heroine, but then a) girl I didn’t think I’d like whom I ended up loving… Krystal Weedon from ‘The Casual Vacancy’.

    – Love, Felicia

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