Faking It by Gabrielle Tozer – warning: flailing ahead

faking it

Author: Gabrielle Tozer (or Tozer the Bulldozer)

Genre: YA contemporary

Length: 368 pages

Source: received for review (my gratitude is eternally yours, HarperCollins)

Blurb: Things are looking up for Josie Browning. Her boyfriend, James, is crazy about her, and she’s scored a writing job at indi. Now the pressure is on for Josie to prove she’s got what it takes to help plan indi’s launch. Plus, she’s battling with flatmates, frenemies and confusing feelings for travel writer Alex.

High on the perks at indi, Josie’s doing a pretty good job of faking her way in the industry – even though she still hasn’t mastered her hair straightener. But when Josie is invited to a media junket, she accidentally sets off a string of lies that threaten to ruin her reputation, love life and career forever.

I just…I can’t even with this book.

I can be rational. I CAN BE. Seriously. I can discuss this book analytically, with great intelligence and wit, and I can…I can do it.

Okay, I can’t.


Do you really need a reason? We all know I have superb taste in books. You should be running to the bookstore already. I mean, I read it THE DAY IT ARRIVED ON MY DOORSTEP (which was very convenient, by the way).

And plus, Gabby and I interviewed each other on the blog recently. It’s the best interview that’s ever happened, if you were wondering.

I’m a bit dubious about linking to my review of The Intern (it’s an awful review), but…well, here you go. Merry Christmas.

But just in case you don’t trust every word I say (in which case, you should reflect very deeply on your values), here are some reasons you should read it.

Josie Browning.

The secondhand embarrassment is strong with this girl. Within the first couple of chapters, I was cringing so much I debated about whether I should continue (it was a very short debate…I needed to see what happened). Let’s just say that I’m SO glad I’ve never been in her situation.

It was hard to read, but even harder to stop.

But Josie is seriously such a great character. She’s real, she’s awkward, she’s passionate, smart, unsure of herself, navigating a world completely new to her – and rocking at it, by the way. She always tries to fix her mistakes and I really admire her for that.

The author and I have even come up with a hashtag – when you do something clumsy or goober-ish, you’re #pullingajb

I think it’s pretty excellent.

And the plot is awesome, too.

In contemporaries it’s usually about the characters. And this is no exception. But Faking It also has a really great (slash cringe-worthy) plot, and the way it all ties together is brilliant. So what if some parts are unrealistic? If I wanted realistic I’d read non-fiction, and who wants to do that? Nobody.

We’ve also got some sisterly stuff going on.

Her sister Kat is kind of a brat. Hey, that rhymes. But I love how their relationship develops in this novel. That was nice.

You will probably pee your pants.

Yes, it’s that funny. Here’s a snippet of conversation between my sister and me:

Emily: *laughs her arse off*

Sophie: oh my gosh, shut up, I’m trying to watch some stupid show.

(it may have been Pretty Little Vampires or the Liar Diaries or something. Not entirely sure)

Emily: no, Sophie, it’s so funny.

Sophie: am I going to cringe? Is it going to be painful to read?

Emily: Yes. You’re going to love it.

Sophie: …give it to me when you’re finished.

(she’s reading it right now…I’ll let you know what she thinks of it)

BUT ANYWAY, yeah, this book is hilarious. Which should be reason enough to get it.

Amid the hilarity, there are also some really heartfelt, genuine messages to be taken away from this book.

I admit to tearing up a little. BUT JUST A LITTLE, okay? Don’t go thinking I have a heart or something. But yeah, the end of this book was just lovely, and I love Josie so much and I love these books so much and I just. Asdfghlkhdltkhdt. Seriously. That’s all I can say.

I have no more words left.

Was that intelligent enough for you?

So, in a nutshell:

All the best parts of The Devil Wears Prada, all the best parts of The Princess Diaries plus its own incredible cast of characters and a kick-ass plot.

Read it.

Rating: 5/5 Wonderkitties



16 thoughts on “Faking It by Gabrielle Tozer – warning: flailing ahead

  1. This review was almost as entertaining as the book itself! 🙂 It was certainly an amazing book – Josie’s shenanigans were fun to read about, but it was also good that there was that heartfelt message in the end. That #pullingajb hashtag is a pretty good idea as well – we needed a label for those awkward/embarrassing moments that you just can’t describe any other way!

  2. Haha, I love all the gifs you used in this review. This sounds like an awesome book, especially because it’s about a writer and I love reading books about writers. It’s kind of my go-to procrastination instead of writing. If I don’t feel like writing, at least I can read about writers. I know, it’s pitiful. :/ But even when I’m not procrastinating, it’s still cool to see the processes and style of different writers. And I also love books that make me laugh out loud. Chasing Jupiter was one that made me literally laugh out loud and earned me weird looks from my dad, who was sitting across from me.

  3. Buahaha I’m loving the gifs, and how hilarious your review is 😛 While I wasn’t a huge fan of the first book (I know, I know), I’m keen to give the series another go in the hopes it’ll surprise me like This Shattered World did! 😀 I’m loving the fact that the book is so funny, it’ll be a perfect beach read for summer, yay!

  4. OH boy, I’m going to have to grab a copy of this one asap! I mean, the minty green AND a hilarious plot? Sounds good. I liked the first one, it was cute and hopefully this one follows in its footsteps! 😀 😀

  5. I was pretty sure I was going to read it but after you summerising it as some sort of Devil Wears Prada/Princess Diaries book, I’m 100% in. I love the latter and the book + your review sounds so good.. I’m totally going to buy this.

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