My True Love Gave To Me: 12 adorable stories

my true love gave to me 2

Author: lots

Genre: lots

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Source: I bought it! 🙂


If you love holiday stories, holiday movies, made-for-TV-holiday specials, holiday episodes of your favorite sitcoms and, especially, if you love holiday anthologies, you’re going to fall in love with MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME: TWELVE HOLIDAY STORIES by twelve bestselling young adult writers, edited by international bestselling author Stephanie Perkins.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa’s coming tonight. Woot. I didn’t even have to put this book on my wishlist, because I gave in and…ah, bought it for myself. Oops.

Anyway. I’ll do a mini-review on each of the stories.

Midnights – Rainbow Rowell

This story was so cute. I absolutely loved it. It’s told in a non-linear format, jumping back and forth between years – initially that confused me but it works really well.



The Lady and the Fox – Kelly Link

Did not understand this one at all. I mean, I DID, but I just didn’t take much of it in. Still not sure entirely what happened. It’s about some mystery dude and an adopted family kinda. I don’t even know.


Angels in the Snow – Matt de la Pena

Another one I loved. Now I need to seek out some more Matt de la Pena. Our main character (lol, so memorable I’ve forgotten his name) is poor and slowly starving in the apartment he’s minding for someone, until a girl comes to use his shower.

Also, diversity FTW.


Polaris is Where You’ll Find Me – Jenny Han

So this one’s about a human elf girl in the North Pole, where everyone else is an…elf elf.

Didn’t make much of an impression on me.


It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown – Stephanie Perkins

It was kind of insta-love-y, BUT I DON’T EVEN CARE. This was the most adorable story ever, and I mean…it’s Stephanie Perkins. Of course it was going to be. The way these two argued with each other was so cute, and I loved that it didn’t focus completely on Christmas but on Yule.


Your Temporary Santa – David Levithan

It was a bit meh. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the brilliance of Just One Day by David Levithan was a one-off, and I don’t like the rest of his stuff. It’s about this guy pretending to be Santa for his boyfriend’s sister. Kind of cute, I guess.


Krampuslauf – Holly Black

So this one was really…really weird. And I didn’t connect with the main character at all. Some speculative elements but it was kind of a mess, honestly.


What the Hell Have You Done, Sophie Roth? – Gayle Forman

Another cute couple, yay! The banter between Sophie and Russell is hilarious, and there’s some really genuine messages in here about fitting in and being different…I really liked it.


Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus – Myra McEntire

Another one that wasn’t my thing. It was a romance between this delinquent boy and the pastor’s daughter – like that episode of The Simpsons with Bart and what’s-her-face. But yeah. Not really for me.


Welcome to Christmas, CA – Kiersten White

This one has FOOD, people!! And the food is like, magic or something. I don’t even know. BUT THIS STORY WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. I can’t even explain why, but I loved it. It had the Christmassy feel, and the romance, and the magic, and it was just awesome.


Star of Bethlehem – Ally Carter

Almost forgot about this one. So this girl swaps her plane ticket with this Icelandic exchange student and goes to live with some family. It was kinda cute but really cheesy and predictable.


The Girl Who Woke the Dreamer – Laini Taylor

It’s official. I don’t think I like Laini Taylor’s writing style. I KNOW, I KNOW. Crazy. But Daughter of Smoke and Bone didn’t do anything for me, and neither did this story. Maybe it was just too weird for me?


Overall it appears I liked the contemporary stories the best…doesn’t surprise me. Have you read this one? What’s your favourite story?? I WANT TO KNOW.

Rating: 4/5 Wonderkitties




11 thoughts on “My True Love Gave To Me: 12 adorable stories

  1. I won the UK edition!!! YAY! Can’t wait for it to arrive! 😀

    I haven’t read DoSaB yet, so I have no idea about Laini Taylor but EVERYONE loves her writing! I really hope so do I.

    Food? FOOD!!!!!!!! *confetti* Haven’t read anything by Kiersten either, but pretty much everybody loves that one.

    Rainbow Rowell is AWESOME! Can’t wait to read this!!! 😀

    Great review(s)! Glad you enjoyed!
    ~Fari @ My Little Corner For Books 0:)

  2. I’m totally not an anthology type of girl so not sure whether I will pick this one up at all, but the cover is so cute and…dilemma! Like with all anthologies, there are good and bad ones so I’m not surprised that you loved some and others were a bit meh. BUT LAINI TAYLOR *gasp* How could you :O

  3. Ha ha I love Author: Lots Genre: Lots. I don’t know why it just made me laugh. ☺😝 Sounds rather cute! Anthologies always are! Glad that you liked it overall!! Merry Christmas!! ��🎁����🎁��

  4. I love anthologies and had this on my radar, but now I wish I had bought it to read over Christmas. I think I’ll really enjoy this one. Great review. Have a very merry Christmas.

  5. This sounds like a fantastic selection of stories to get into the Christmas spirit! I can see that there could be a mixed bag of stories in there – some that you end up liking more than others, since they are from different authors with various styles – but it’s good to see that on the whole it all worked out for you 🙂 Thanks for sharing Emily and hope you have a merry Christmas and happy new year!

  6. I’ve like only read four of these. AND I’ve had the book for ages. What even. I read the pop star one. And meh. I liked it at the beginning. And then the twist made my eye balls roll away. I need them back. BUT from what I’ve read, these have been cute.


  7. Oh. My. gosh. This is so pretty! I almost bough it, but then I realized that I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for my family. Oops. lovely review!

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