England Update #2 – ALL the photos

Okay so I can’t be bothered writing much at the moment, so instead we’re just going to have some pictures. Yes? Pictures are good. Since I updated things last, we’ve gone to Queensgate (which is basically like Westfields), Ferry Meadows and Cherry Hinton Park.

AND ALSO THERE HAS BEEN LOTS OF FROST. We’ve been de-icing the cars and rugging up with several layers. No snow yet, unfortunately. Going to Cherry Hinton, it was -1 degree, which “warmed up” to 2 degrees. Crazy. My toes have never been so cold.

Anyway, the pictures!



These photos were taken by my dear mother, who fancies herself a bit of a photographer.

Look, it’s me!




Top left – my mum wanted to recreate a photo from when I was like 3.

Top right – my mum’s cousin photo-bombing me

Bottom – when my sister was taking this I think she insulted my scarf or something. Ten points if you can guess which book I’m reading.

Emily’s Artistic Shots


IMG_5740 IMG_5748    IMG_5787

The one on the bottom is a frozen spider web. I HATE spiders but I don’t mind their webs, and it did look very pretty.


 IMG_5775 IMG_5760

Since England is strange, we have on the left GREEN, and on the right MUD AND ICE. Crazy.

Also, how cool are my wellies??

Animals and Other Small Creatures

monty williammmmm


Top left – mum’s cousins’ dog Monty, bounding into the freezing water.

Top right – me holding the new arrival, baby William. He was born on New Year’s Day.

Bottom – well, a swan, obviously.


So on Wednesday we’re going to London to do touristy things, and also going around Cambridge this week. Next week on Wednesday we’re doing the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London (!!!!!) and then on the 16th we’re going to France.

And you know what that means?

The best photos are still to come.

30 thoughts on “England Update #2 – ALL the photos

  1. Yep Emily our weather is pretty cold. It’s okay once you get used to it tho.

    I love how your mum made you recreate that moment! So cute!!!!

    OH MY GOD! I know what book that is! It’s the Abundance of Katherine’s by John Green. YAY! 10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR! (man this would be a good place to insert a Harry Potter Gif)

    You are so lucky to go France and the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

    Enjoy the remaining part of your holiday!

    Lucy @ My Little Life

    P.S. Your photos are incredible…as always.

  2. AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES! YAY! I am proud of myself for knowing what you are reading because yea… All of the pictures in this post actually look a little bit spooky because of the fog, but they are also really beautiful. The small human creature is so cute, haha! I love it when I get a new cousin.

    These are so so beautiful! I LOVE YOUR GUMBOOTS. I’m a notorious gumboot lover myself (as seen by my profile pictures.hehe) and I love the stripes. XD It looks so so cold though. Gawsh. I think I would die. I get cold when it’s like 16 degrees. Okay, I get cold when it’s 20. But I try to be brave.
    Spiderwebs are wonderful frozen. Especially if the spiders are dead and frozen. I’m a spider-hater and not ashamed.

    • I think those points should go to RAVENCLAW, Cait 🙂

      Yay gumboots! Although they’re wellies here. Gosh, use the lingo 🙂 Yes, very cold. I’m not looking forward to going back to 40+ temps.

      Petition to form a club for spider-haters.

  4. Oh I absolutely adore the thought of going to England! Or any other part of the world that’s not America, actually. Lol I love your rain boots! Btw And a Harry Potter Studio tour! I haven’t even been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter yet. And the book is An Abundance of Katherines which I have not read but seems to be a good book.
    Ten points to Slytherin!


    Aw, no snow? That’s a shame! Still, you look like you’re having an amazing time! And wow, all those photographs are AMAZING. Especially the frozen spiderweb one. Awesome. Also, how cool would it be to be born on New Year’s Day!??

  6. I can’t wait to view more of your photos, girl! England looks lovely, but I bet it’s lovelier in spring or summertime there 🙂 I don’t like Winter that much (I hate the freezing old and the fact you have to wear layers and layers of clothing). You’re so cute in your pictures! I hope you are enjoying your stay there a lot!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  7. Wow, there’s so much to talk about here!! Frozen spiderwebs are awesome! (And you’re mum is a brilliant photographer). Haha, relatives shall always photo-bomb (I’m very good at photo-bombing, I practise all the time). THE BABY WAS BORN ON NEW YEAR’S DAY WOW OH WOW. (Gosh I love babies, sooooo cute!). Wow you’re going to be in London tomorrow?? WELCOME. (I’ll just put it out there. London is totally different to where you’re currently staying. I should know. I live there). 😀

  8. Wow, I always love seeing what the other side of the world looks like at the moment and it looks absolutely FREEZING. All that frost and snow and you aren’t getting the best temperatures! But it definitely looks like you’re enjoying yourself and getting some wonderful reading time in. Enjoy Emily!

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