Paris Photos and Other Announcements

And that adventure was to Paris.


Here was the extent of my French:

Merci, sil vous plait, pardon moi, numbers up til 10, the days of the week and the months of the year.

So it was lucky most people spoke English. But anyway, it was an AMAZING three days. Seriously, guys. French bread. You have no idea.

Here are some photos!

DSC02414 DSC02411 DSC02437 DSC02422

Top left: weird French keyboard. It’s AZERTYUIOP instead of QWERTYUIOP.

Top right: brilliant European parking

Bottom left: crepes!! This guy let us take a photo of him.

Bottom right: some tower thing.

DSC02440 DSC02448

Β  DSC02458 no 2 DSC02533

The many views of the Eiffel Tower. On the bottom left is me with my sisters (from left to right, me, Sophie and Caitlin). It’s night in that photo but I had to edit it so it wasn’t so dark.

DSC02590 DSC02595

Left – the Seine

Right – one of those Love Bridge things, where you put a padlock on and throw the key into the water. Sadly we didn’t get to the actual bridge (we were on a river cruise).

Β DSC02729 DSC02740 DSC02719 DSC02725

Views from the Eiffel Tower! We couldn’t go right to the top because it was under construction, but it was still breath-taking. The number of steps came every so often – it was more than 600 to get to the second level, and they were STEEP STEPS, GUYS.

DSC02769 DSC02773

Parisian markets! Bread and fruit and vegetables and seafood and clothes and sweets (“bonbons”) and SO MUCH STUFF. It was amazing.

So that’s Paris. My last couple of travel updates will be happening once I’m over at my new blog, Loony Literate.

Which reminds me. This is my last post before my LAST POST. EEK. The launch will be next Wednesday, the 28th of January, which is also my first day of school. As I’ve said before, there’ll be a giveaway and a blog hop/tag thing. It’s going to be great.

So what else have I been doing while I’m here?

– Freezing my butt off

– Reading stuff for school

– WRITING stuff for school

– Eating amazing food

– Spending time with my family

– Starting to plot an epic fantasy for some weird reason

– And also a contemporary about a British girl who goes to an Australian boarding school

– Don’t ask me why

– Also I have bought like a whole new wardrobe. Because I brought spending money and I can’t help myself. Also I’ve bought five books. Fitting everything into my suitcase is going to be interesting

– NEVER FEAR, THOUGH. The recap and photos for the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London…they’re coming. I’m going to have a whole Harry Potter WEEK. It’ll be brilliant.

– Oh, and disclaimer – all the Paris photos were taken by my mum. I couldn’t be bothered taking any so I just stole hers.

So tell me, guys – have you booked your tickets for Paris yet?

39 thoughts on “Paris Photos and Other Announcements

  1. Wow Paris looks lovely – especially the Eiffel Tower and those markets! It’s interesting how we notice those little differences like the keyboards and things, that would be weird to type on at first. Great to hear you’re having fun, the sound of a Harry Potter week is amazing πŸ™‚

  2. THE EIFFEL TOWER LOOKS AMAZING! ENJOY EVERY LAST SECOND THAT YOUR THERE. I can’t wait for giveaway and the blog hop/tag thing. Sounds like so much fun!! It’s amazing that you’ve been able to pull off this self hosted new blog thing. That’s a lot of work and planning, and you should pat yourself on the back for that one. πŸ˜€

  3. THESE ARE SO WONDERFUL. And they make my heart cry because I WANT TO GO TO PARIS AND EAT ALL OF THE FOOD…well, all of the pastries, more like. I WILL GET THERE ONE DAY. Hoping to do an study abroad program in my second year of uni, and will travel before or after the program depending on where I go…I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

    Sounds as though you had a fantastic time, Em! Looking forward to seeing the launch of Loony Literate! Love the name change. Also, I had no idea you had TWO sisters. I was shocked by that. Probably more so than was necessary.

      • EBONY ONE DAY I WILL GO WITH YOU TO PARIS. IT’LL BE FABULOUS πŸ™‚ YESSSS I want to do that in uni too!!! Fingers crossed πŸ˜€

        LOL I don’t talk about my younger sister very often – maybe because she doesn’t read??


  4. It looks like you had so much fun. I’m jealous because here I am just trying to make it through midterms. πŸ˜€ I laughed when I read the caption “some tower thing”. Wait, were you being sarcastic or is that a scaled down replica? I can’t wait until your new blog launch! Also, I started plotting an epic fantasy novel, too, which I have never done before. Fortunately, I have decided that I like plotting epic fantasies.

  5. I’ll book my flight to Paris when somebody will pay for my airplane ticket. You look like you’re having a fabulous time in Paris! AND YES TO HARRYPOTTER WEEK

  6. CONSIDER THE TICKET BOUGHT. Hahaha. It’s so funny because I just read Anna and the French Kiss and Isla and the Happily Ever After. I have SUCH a book(s?) hangover right now. Which is REALLY BAD since I have a bunch of hw that I should be doing. But seriously, I fell in love with that whole series. And I am now determined to go to Paris! WOO HOO!
    Thanks for sharing the lovely pics and have many more amazing adventures! πŸ˜€

  7. OMG PARIS!!!! Okay so Paris has always been my dream. AND THOSE FANTASITC PHOTOS OF THE EIFFLE TOWER!! YAAAAY! This is all very gorgeous. Croissants though? I mean, it’s definitely a French cliche, but TELL ME YOU HAD CROISSANTS WHILST IN FRANCE?!! x)
    So excited for the move!!!


  9. It looks like you had a great time! I’ve dreamed of going to France for a really long time. I’ve been taking French for a year now, but I think I would still find it a relief that people speak English there… Lovely pictures, it makes me want to book a flight now… Except it’s literally impossible financially. XD Maybe I’ll just buy a book about Paris…

  10. Ahhhhhhh. I *have* been living under a rock. I had no idea you were moving and I had no idea you were on holiday!

    I hope you’re having loads of fun (although I don’t doubt you are) and I am TOTALLY jealous you got to go on an HP Tour. I cannot wait to see allll the photos!

    Also I totally feel you. Over the holidays, I bought wayyyy too many books and ended up having to buy a duffel bag so that when I went back to college, I would be able to take all my books. It’s so hard going somewhere and not buying all the books. And yay for new wardrobes!!! :DDDD Those are always fun! πŸ™‚

    Hopefully you’ll be able to fit everything in your suitcase!

    Safe travels, hon! πŸ™‚

  11. Seems like you had heaps of fun! I’m going to be spending a month in France as an exchange student and you’re getting me all hyped up! oh also I cannot wait for your new blog πŸ™‚

  12. Oh YAY! I love these pictures so much! And I’m so jealous of you right now, Em. PARIS. And YES to the bread ❀ I ate it when I went to Germany (HA, I still didn't see the Eiffel Tower) and I agree, it was heaven. Best FOOD EVER.

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