My Writing

Here are the things I’m working on at the moment:


Genre: YA contemporary

Status: querying

This revolves around romantic/platonic love, and involves a super-nerdy girl learning to let go a little.

When Jess’s boyfriend dumps her, she never thought she’d fall in love with the crazy, dandelion-collecting, happy-go-lucky Mike. But is it love? And how is she supposed to know what type?



Genre: YA contemporary

Status: second draft

This story’s a lot about family, and how it’s okay to be happy even if you shouldn’t be.

Daisy would have preferred to dislike her mother in peace. But when her mum gets cancer and they move to England, suddenly Daisy feels guilty for not being more supportive. And when her mum gives Daisy a “bucket list” to complete on her behalf – well, what other choice does Daisy have?



Genre: YA contemporary (seeing a trend here?)

Status: between first and second draft – I’m letting it rest a while longer

A story about disability, and how love happens, and if it’s ever worth it.

Ashley’s deaf; Will’s blind. In Italy on a year-long exchange trip, they’re set up on a date by a mutual friend. But neither of them are sure they can overcome the language barrier that lies between them and love.



Genre: MG/YA contemporary

Status: between first and second draft

How much do you owe your family? Is it always realistic to love them?

When Allie’s sent to her granny’s house to be home-schooled, she’s not sure what to expect. Certainly not lawn bowls and crocodile statues, that’s for sure – and definitely not learning how to use a ride-on lawnmower, but who’s complaining?



MADISON McSPARKLE, an MG comedy adventure where Madison is the main character and also the villain. Madison always gets grumpy when his mum makes him have lunch with the “good guy.”

GRIZZLY, a YA contemporary romance about Winnie and Molly. Molly’s pregnant and suffering from depression, and together they explore abandoned theme parks and work at the zoo together.

STRAWBERRIES AND SAUSAGES, a YA (not sure which genre) in which the main character’s father is on death row. His last meal will be strawberries and sausages.

UNTITLED, a YA contemporary thriller (it’s not actually called UNTITLED, I just haven’t got much of it yet). MC meets a boy who saves baby birds and steals cars. But she doesn’t know anything about his past – just how much is she willing to forgive? Will probably be based loosely on a real criminal case.

And those are the things I’m working on at the moment! This page will be updated frequently as I progress.

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