Teens Can Write Too Blog Chain: book-to-movie adaptations

Today I’m joining in with the blog chain hosted by John Hansen from Teens Can Write Too (which is an awesome blog and you should check it out).

This month we’re discussing


“What are your thoughts on book-to-movie adaptions? Would you one day want your book made into a movie, or probably not?”

This is quite topical, since The Fault in Our Stars is out AS WE SPEAK (side note: sucked in USA, Australia got it before you). I saw TFIOS at the beginning of May, because I’m a lucky duck. You can see my thoughts here.

Also, back in ye olde February of 2013, I posted about my thoughts on hearing that it was GOING to be turned into a movie. You can read about that here. (weirdly enough, some of my predictions ended up being true)

Back to adaptations themselves. Let’s not turn this into a post about TFIOS (much as that would be awesome). Here are some gifs from my favourite adaptations.


Based on:




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Based on:

allllll harry potter books

I love book-to-movie adaptations. Reading is all well and good, I love it, but having that extra dimension, being able to SEE the characters, is an amazing experience. And when it’s done right, it makes the book seem that much more real.

For all of the adaptations I’ve listed above, they don’t follow the book/s to the letter. They change things, add things, remove things that don’t work well in a visual context (or in a two-hour time frame). But they keep the things that are essential to the integrity of the story. Stardust is a bit of a strange example, because it’s VERY different to the book (and I didn’t like the book much). So that one’s kind of an exception to the rule. But the others are both extensions of books that I love as well as art forms in their own right.

Would I ever want my books to feature on the big screen? Well, that depends. It wouldn’t be a decision I’d make lightly – I’ve heard the horror stories. Goodness, I’ve WATCHED the horror stories, the ones that had such potential and then turned out…well, awful (AHEM Eragon). But I think it would also be an amazing experience if it was done right. Seeing my actual characters come to life? Now that would be cool.

What are some of your favourite book-to-movie adaptations? Writers, would you ever want your books to become movies?

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TCWT Blog Chain – April

What is your ultimate goal as a writer?

I think every writer is going to have a similar first thought: I want to be published, of course. Shouldn’t that be obvious? And it is obvious, but I started to think a bit more about it. Why do I write? WHY? So I’ve come up with about four things that I want to achieve as a writer.

1)      For people to read my stories. This is also a goal of many writers, and it’s something that I’m already experiencing today. Because of amazing critique partners, writer friends and real life friends, I’ve already had people read my stories.

2)      To write in more than one genre. At the moment I write a great deal of contemporary, but I’ve also dabbled in fantasy. I like writing for both MG and YA, and I’d love to publish in both areas. Everything  I write somehow ends up being comedy, and comedy in fantasy is something that appeals to me a great deal.

3)      To get a job as some sort of writer. I don’t mind if it’s a novelist, or an editor, or a literary agent, or a journalist – I would just love to be able to write as a profession…and be able to sustain myself on that.

4)      My ultimate goal is to keep writing, just because I have to. I think that if I never get published, I will still write. It’s what calms me and excites me at the same time. I like creating characters and watching them suffer (oops, that’s my inner sadist coming out). I like being surprised by my story. I like watching my characters grow.

I guess that sometimes I get caught up in imagining the future. As John Green’s wife Sarah said, “imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia.” At the risk of sounding incredibly corny, I think it’s enough just to plod along at my desk, typing things that may never make it into a book. It’s enough just to write and entertain myself…for now, at least. That may change.

As a teenager, I have the tremendous power of being able to experiment. If I try to write a dystopian MG comedy and fall flat on my face (not that I would ever attempt to write something like that), it won’t matter, because my mum pays the bills. So I can experiment in different genres, styles and forms, and not feel pressured to make something good.

To all the teen writers out there: keep writing. And don’t ever stop.

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