Loony’s Musings (4): Life of a Blogger

I got the idea from this post from Mel over at YA Midnight Reads, who wrote THIS AWESOME POST about her daily routine. So I thought I’d tell you all a little about my daily routine.

Prepare to be amazed.

Or maybe not.


Anyway, my alarm goes off every morning at 8. I know, right? How lucky am I? I check the internet until about 8:20 then run around for half an hour trying to find socks and hair elastics and something to eat. At a quarter to nine, I leave for school.

At 3:20, I walk home so I’m back at about 3:30. I check my internets again because six hours without it is really hard, okay? Then it’s piano time.

Most days, after piano, I stuff around for a while longer on the internet. Then I’ll probably read and write for a while, do homework, do my chores, have dinner and a shower (not at the same time), and the real school stuff starts. I don’t let myself on the internet between 8:30 and 10. It’s done wonders for my productivity. This is my official study time. Because otherwise I’ll never get off Twitter.

Between 10 and 11, I blog, read, and talk to my cat (I’m only half joking). Basically, I have a LOT of time on my hands. And now that I’ve become wise in my old age (haha), I’m learning to manage my time more effectively.

At 11pm, I go to sleep. For some crazy reason, I cannot operate on less than nine hours of sleep. It SUCKS. Good thing I live so close to my school otherwise I would have no time whatsoever!

So that’s generally my routine Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, I host half of the Aussie version of FriNightWrites, running sprints and writing myself as well. This is when I do most of my writing – it’s a great motivational tool.

Then on Saturday and Sunday nights, I waitress. During the daytime on the weekends, I do a bucketload of reading. This is because I try not to do schoolwork during the weekends.

So that’s my daily routine! School can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, and so do all the other things I have to do: interact with family and friends, learn to drive, practise piano, write, read, blog, read other blogs, waitress, do chores, eat food occasionally and sleep.


But I wouldn’t give up blogging for the world. I appreciate each and every person who comments on my blog posts, or likes them, or reads them (hello, lurkers!). Thanks so much to all of you – without you there’d be no point, would there?