Writing Challenge Day 6 – Watches

Day’s six prompt was “Start your story with: “He glanced at his watch impatiently…” So naturally, that’s what I did. As always, the challenge can be found here. Not quite sure where I was going with this prompt, so it’s not as long as some of the others.

He glanced at his watch impatiently. Not because he was late but because it wouldn’t. Work. He jiggled it a bit more and resigned himself to the worst – the bloody thing wasn’t waterproof. He wondered if he could sue them for that, seeing as though it said it was waterproof.

‘Spectacular dive,’ said someone.

‘Really marvelous,’ said another.

Jeremy was used to these kinds of comments. He didn’t understand why they said it to him. Diving was just like falling, but more elegant. It wasn’t that hard. ‘Thanks,’ he said, still jiggling his watch. What a bummer.

Then came a different voice. A girl’s voice. ‘What’s wrong with your watch?’

Jeremy spun around and saw Lexie, who was clever and sarcastic and funny. ‘Um, it won’t work. I dived into the pool with it,’ he added.

Lexie had brown hair, and it was very long. Jeremy liked it. ‘Here,’ she said, flipping her hair back and taking his wrist in her hands. She reset the hands and, lo and behold, it started ticking again. ‘I guess I’m a watch mechanic now.’

‘I guess so.’ He kept watching her. Watch. Watch.

She laughed and slapped him playfully on the shoulder. ‘See you at school tomorrow, yeah?’

‘Yeah.’ Jeremy held up his watch. ‘Thanks for…whatever you did.’

She doffed an imaginary hat and promptly disappeared. Jeremy blinked a bit, thinking he’d missed something. But she was gone, alright, into thin air no less. Jeremy didn’t yet know what a Watcher was, and if he had, he would have dove back into the swimming pool and never surfaced.

But of course, Jeremy didn’t know what a Watcher was, and so he felt his heart burst with the inexplicable love he felt for Lexie. And he couldn’t wait to see her again.