Photos from London and Cambridge + Exciting Announcements

We’ve been doing some exciting things lately. We went into Cambridge to do some shopping and see the sights, then into London for some touristy things.


IMG_5798 IMG_5803

These are two colleges in Cambridge. Very impressive.

IMG_5806 IMG_5808 IMG_5821

Lollies (well, “sweets”) galore. The guy in the top right is making fudge.

IMG_5809 IMG_5824 IMG_5825 IMG_5826

So Heffers is this great book shop unique to Cambridge (and it was cheaper than Waterstone’s!). It was 3 for the price of 2, so I got these ones. All the Bright Places was just…amazing.


IMG_5870  IMG_5904 IMG_5924

So here we’ve got some pics of Big Ben and the London Eye and Westminster Abbey. It was a pretty gloomy day, but we rugged up.

IMG_5961 IMG_5973 IMG_5991

This was at Trafalgar Square. You can see my sisters trying to clamber up onto the lion. Also – a Candy Crush bus!

IMG_5994 IMG_5995

This is outside Buckingham Palace. It was very exciting. This motorbike ZOOMED into the middle and halted the traffic, and this cavalcade went past from the Palace. Who knows? The Queen might have been coming past!

IMG_6003 IMG_6010 IMG_6020

Top left: The Australia Gate of the Buckingham Palace. We’re famous!

Top right: the Palace itself. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the Changing of the Guard. Plus, the guard we DID see kept yawning.

Bottom: fancy schmancy gates. I need some of them for my house.

Exciting announcements!

So CHANGES are coming to the blog. Change isn’t always good, but this time I’m hoping it will be. If you stalk my Twitter you may have an inkling of what those changes may be, but for now I’ll be a bit sneaky about it.

Let me just give you three clues.

1) It will involve a giveaway and a blog hop.

2) It’s been one of my goals ever since I got a blog


3) It’s caused me no end of frustration. BUT THAT’S OKAY. It’s working quite well now.

That was probably way too easy…

But anyway, this will all be happening once I get back to Australia in about two weeks, so get excited!

16 thoughts on “Photos from London and Cambridge + Exciting Announcements

  1. Lucky you 😀 I’d give anything to be in England instead of taking exams right now. Hope you’re having a fabulous time!

  2. I KNOW WHAT IT IS AND IT IS THE MOST GLORIOUS SURPRISE OF THE WORLD. *FLAILS* Also: these pictures. ^_^ Soooo awesome. Particularly if you maybe-saw-the-queen. That is just neat. XD And sweets are good, of course, and afjdlskafd I am so so happy you liked All the Bright Places! Well. I’m not happy. I’M FREAKING SAD STILL. But I loved that book so so much. Not sure about the candy crush bus…. XD

  3. The colleges that you saw are gorgeous! I mean, they look like castles! The Old Sweet Shoppe seems like such a nice and cozy place, and I love when I go to a store and get to see people actually making the food I’m about to buy. I think I know what the change is. Does it involve you hosting a fabulous dinner party all by yourself?……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Wow, Ana. That was really lame and probably does not make any sense to anybody except yourself.

  4. I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR GOAL IS. Loony Teen Writer is branching out! London looks so incredibly beautiful, I love how cultural and those amazing buildings. I need to go there one time! Those lollies and everything look amazing too. Did you love All the Bright Places?

  5. LOOK AT ALL THOSE PRETTTTY PHOTOS. And All The Bright Stars! I need to read that one asap! EVERYONE IS RAVE RAVE RAVING.


  6. Awesome!! Cambridge seems so cool (oh, fudge!) and I want all of those sweets…they’re so pretty and antique-y! Whoa you climbed up on one of the lions…awesome! (Candy Crush bus = more sweets!). Aw, pity you didn’t see the Changing of the Guard (but maybe next time?). It’s pretty cool. As in, the guards (after snoozing for the better part of the day while standing up) actually do something. The fact that they do something is what makes most of the frenzy anyway. At least, that’s what I reckon! 😀

  7. I SO WISH I COULD VISIT LONDON. AND THOSE COLLEGES ARE STUNNING! Has it rained on you? (Hope not) It all looks so pretty! How did you feel seeing Big Ben!? Enjoy every last minute you have there and eat some fudge for your followers ok?

  8. I’ve never been to Cambridge, it looks so pretty. I am really terrible at going places and doing things. I have a train station nearby and I’d love to see more of the country so I really have no excuse. I’ve been to London a few times though and I do love it even if it is a bit busy!

  9. Ooh, I love the pictures! I went to a sweet shop in Cambridge when I was visiting my friends and bought some delicious rhubarb and custards. (The undisputed best, in my humble opinion.) 🙂
    I’ve also been seeing the Candy Crush buses around, though I sadly haven’t ridden on one yet. Maybe I can make that a New Year’s goal…

  10. England looks so FUN. I would like to go someday. I’ll admit my priority is Italy (: But England after that! I WILL GO!
    I’m glad you’re having a great time! HAVE EVEN MORE FUN. And I must know how All the Bright Places is ^.^
    It’s funny because that shouldn’t be grammatically correct but… it is :O

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