Emily’s Story Ideas

Today we’re going to listen to Emily talk about her story ideas! Yayyy! (and speak in third person, apparently).



So when I saw Cait’s post on hers, I knew I had to do one of my own. Some of these you may have already seen before in the “MY WRITING” tab. But I will expand on them.


1) Grizzly

Genre: YA contemporary

What’s it about? It’s about two girls, Winnie and Molly. A f/f romance which should be fun. Winnie, formerly popular and smart, is pregnant and has all sorts of problems – outcast from her family and friends. Until she meets Molly, that is. It involves the zoo and abandoned amusement parks. The title has a double meaning because 1) Molly calls Winnie “Grizzly,” because Winnie=Winnie the Pooh=Bear=Grizzly (see, clever, isn’t it? …don’t answer that). And 2) They work at the local zoo together.


2) Madison McSparkle

Genre: MG fantasy (this one’s a comedy)

What’s it about? Madison McSparkle is a villain. The only problem is he’s not a very good one. His mum keeps inviting the good guy over for tea, and plus, he doesn’t even own a black cape. This is an idea that sounds like so much fun to write, and will hopefully be very funny. It involves the Travelling Shovel of Doom, the organised beheading of Barbie dolls and a major plot point occurring while the “villain” is having a bubble bath.


3) Baby Birds

Genre: YA thriller/contemporary kind of (I have no idea)

What’s it about? It’s about a boy, mostly. Except told from the perspective of a…girl. Um. This is hard. Okay so I don’t even know the girl’s name yet, but she’s quiet and is a very keen observer. A new guy comes to school, and nobody knows anything about him – there are rumours, though, of course. All she knows is that he has two halves: one half that is caring – he saves baby birds, lets huntsman spiders outside and always smiles at people. Then there’s the other half, the half that steals cars and gets into fights. And there’s something awful in his past. As [girl] falls in love with him, she finds out what he’s hiding, and basically the story is about how/whether people change, and how much you can forgive someone. IT WOULD NEED A LOT OF RESEARCH.

And Baby Birds is only a working title, by the way.



4) Camp Horror

Genre: YA horror

What’s it about? First of all I want to make sure you realise that THIS WOULD NOT BE THE ACTUAL TITLE BECAUSE IT SUCKS. But basically we start off with a school camp, lots of girly bonding and cuteness, and then…you know those fake stories they tell you round the campfire? Yeah, those would start coming true. And it will be excellent and terrifying but also with lots of friendship.


5) Jimmy Eel, A Nude

Genre: YA contemporary

What’s it about? Literally the only reason I want to write this is because of the title, which is an anagram of my name (Emily June Mead – gasp, you now know my middle name!). It would revolve around the death of Jimmy Eel, who was seen face-down one day in a lake, completely naked and…erm, dead. I haven’t got much further than that.


6) Off With the Fairies

Genre: YA contemporary

What’s it about? It’s about a girl named Mildred (this might change). Like Alice in my most recent WIP, she’s very vague and constantly “off with the fairies,” but she does mean well. All sorts of awkward things happen to her, like spilling food all over customers at the trial for her first job (they don’t ask her back); gets her hair caught in the beaters while making cake…

That last one is totally NOT FROM EXPERIENCE. Okay, fine. Fine. But that was one time, okay???


7) Sharing Tenth Grade

Genre: YA contemporary

What’s it about? This one’s a SIBLING BOOK. About SISTERS. Yay! So one sister gets accelerated, and ends up in the second sister’s classes. Which sucks for the second sister – I mean, esteem blow, much? The story’s basically about them helping each other through things and learning to get along.


8) Past Lives

Genre: YA sci-fi

What’s it about? In this world, people are paired with a past version of themselves as a way to cure depression. I haven’t figured out much past that, but basically, it’s about learning to love who you are and identity and stuff like that.


9) Strawberries and Sausages

Genre: YA dystopian or contemporary or something

What’s it about? Honestly, not much yet – I haven’t even pinned down a genre properly. The title was a phrase I overheard at work, and I thought about it for the rest of the night. It would be from the perspective of a girl whose father is on death row, and his last meal is strawberries and sausages. Aaaand that’s it so far.


10) Brace Yourselves

Genre: either MG or YA dystopian

What’s it about? I’m quite proud of this pun, actually. It’s a dystopian (not quite sure what form yet), but also a comedy. Basically the main character (probably male) is annoyed that there’s an apocalypse, because he hasn’t got his braces off and he’s going to be stuck with them for the rest of his existence. So yes, a comedic dystopian.

Number 1 is the one I’m most eager to write at the moment. Same with number 2, because I’ve never written an MG before. Some of these are VERY under-developed and are little more than ideas, but some have actual plots. The things I’m working on right now, though, have priority, of course.

And I have SO many other ideas besides these – they’re all in a massive files: titles, characters, pictures, snippets, random words. I get inspired just by looking at the document.


What’s your favourite of my ideas? What ideas have YOU had recently?

33 thoughts on “Emily’s Story Ideas

  1. I’m enjoying the last one, it sounds like something I would read. They all do. I think my favorite is the first, and the eighth.
    I have TOO MANY ideas, I’ll have to write them on my own blog, but one I have is about a person trapped in her own mind, another (which I am currently working on) is about people who live in the skies, and think that people on Earth are strange, but one sees something unique, that there’s something special (which I think is creativity).
    Your sound awesome!

  2. I think I would most like to read Off With the Fairies, Sharing Tenth Grade and Past Lives. Actually, I would most like to read Wanderland, but these ideas all seem really interesting. After I finish my first novel (which is really close to completion), I think I might want to write either a family history memoir, fairytale retelling, or Christian YA contemporary. Maybe I’ll do a post or make a page like this for my blog. Maybe.

  3. 8, 9 and 10 have actually got to be my favourite ones. Haha yeah I know they’re probably the least developed ideas but I’d be particularly interested in reading Past Lives 🙂 Some of your ideas are really quirky and cool!

  4. Brace yourself sounds hilarious. Having braces for the rest of you life would suck! I did actually have an idea for a story: at career day I totally got inspired after a mortician told us about her life. My story was gonna be this whole dysantopian where children are raised from the dead and stuff, but I just don’t know where I’m going with it. I need to work out the details.

  5. Brace Yourself and Sharing Tenth Grade sound awesome. They were all interesting in some way, but those two stuck out. I think the contemp idea has a lot of possibilities and will always have an audience, no matter when you get around to writing it. Dystopian seems to have fallen out of favor with agents and publishers, but I like your take. I can almost hear your MC’s Percy Jackson-sass and humor, mixed with the world falling apart, mixed with your average teen’s ego-centric world view. That’s not meant to insult teens. I was an ego-centric teen once too. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . Anyway, you have great ideas! I’ve been tempted to put together a post like this since I can’t decide what to write next, but I’m a little afraid to put my ideas out there in case someone uses them. 😦

    • I think Sharing Tenth Grade is one that has lots of possibilities, as well – and I don’t think there are enough stories about siblings out there. Although the title would change, of course. You’re right about dystopian, which is why I haven’t written one yet (also, no one idea has stuck out to me). As for people stealing your ideas, I’m not too worried about that – even if someone starts with the same idea as me, the end result is going to be completely different 🙂

  6. Gah, how am I supposed to even pick which ones I like best? THEY ARE ALL AWESOME. I actually particularly like #10 because I’ve had braces and while this didn’t occur to me at the time, it sure occurs to me now. (I still have a wire in my mouth. Would I have it permanently if zombies attacked?!!) And I won’t lie: Camp Horror sounds awesome. Also like an episode from Supernatural BUT HEY I WANT TO READ IT. Basically sign me up for the beta list on everything. And I notice a fair few of these are contemporaries…hehe. Do we have a favourite genre to write in?! 😉

    • I still have a wire in my mouth as well! On the bottom level…although I’m used to it now. Camp Horror would be fun (I thought of it while I was on school camp last year, everything). Lol, these are so far from even being written it’s not funny, but you will always be first on my CP list.

      Also, I notice that your favourites are the spec fic ones…do we have a favourite genre to read? 😛

  7. I would honestly want to read every one of these! But especially Brace Yourselves, Past Lives, Camp Horror, Madison McSparkle … okay, screw that. I want to read all of them. Think you’ll do one of them for NaNoWriMo this year?? (I’m just assuming that you’ll be doing NaNo in November.) Even if they are underdeveloped, there’s still plenty of time to plan. ^_^ Anyway, this is such an awesome blog post idea — I love reading about other people’s writing. 🙂

  8. Woah! How do you have so many brilliant ideas?!
    I have copious amounts of stories that I only wrote a paragraph of, and then got bored or didn’t know how to continue with!

    Grizzly, Baby Birds and Brace Yourselves all sound incredible and I would love to read a sneak-peek once you’ve started them 🙂

    • I’m just awesome, I guess. Noooo it’s just that whenever I have an idea, I ALWAYS write it down – some of them amount to nothing but it means I won’t ever miss anything 🙂

      There will always be sneak peeks on here, haha – I can’t resist posting them!

  9. These all sound great! I’m particularly interested in the first one (because I just can’t resist a f/f romance) and the last, which sounds really fun. I too have about a million ideas running around in my head/half-written on my computer. I’m considering writing a post a little like this, but that would mean that I actually commit to writing them! I never actually write the books in my head! I blame University, but it’s really that I’m lazy.

  10. Ummmm…I need you to get off your ass Emily and write every single one of these. K THANKS!

    But seriously, my favorite ideas are Madison McSparkle and Baby Birds. Oh I am so so so curious about Baby Birds and I NEED TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS, EMILY! Why won’t you TELL ME?? *shakes you*. I want to know if the boy will reform. I NEED TO. As for McSparkle. I am pretty sure I’d cuddle with that book. I mean a cute little boy who is the ‘bad guy’ but cannot be a proper one because his mom always invites the ‘good guy’ over for tea? SOLD, SOLD and SOLD.

    I actually DID have an idea recently and even planned out the opening scene. This could definitely be helpful when it’s time for NaNoWriMo 😀 I think it’ll be interesting to go into NaNoWriMo with some details laid out unlike last time (that could explain why I despise the story so much now???)!

    • JUST FOR YOU, RASHIKA. Really 🙂

      I LOVE the idea of Madison McSparkle – I wrote a short story on him for school and got full marks (Yay) and I’d definitely want to expand it. Plus I have so many ideeeeeas for it! Haha, about the ending for Baby Birds…you might have to wait until it gets published 😉 (in about 20 years from now).

      Oooooh, I hope you can do NaNoWriMo! We could be buddies! I’ve done it the last two years and it’s a lot of fun 🙂

  11. Oh! I would definitely read Brace Yourselves! That sounds hilarious and I am sure I would enjoy it a lot!

    I commend you on having so many ideas for books- I enjoyed reading about your stories, and I think the nickname Grizzly is very clever and sweet. (:

  12. I love the Past Lives premise – really promising. It’s the kind of plot I could totally see becoming a sci-fi movie.

    Gosh, this post makes me feel guilty about not organizing all my story ideas in one post/document – now I definitely want to do this. Goodness knows how many story ideas have slipped past me because I never bothered to write them down & define the genre. Labeling a genre really helps with defining the overall mood/tone of the story, I’m sure. Best of luck for all your WIP’s (: It’s all always better to have tons of ideas to choose from!

    • Innnnnnteresting…I think it would be good as a movie, actually. Someone make it for me 😛

      You should definitely write down all your ideas! I use Scrivener, but even a Word document is useful. Or an actual notebook – whatever you like. I’m always amazed when I go through my ideas document and see how many that are yet to be fleshed out…then I get excited about them all over again, haha.

  13. Hey! First time I’ve commented in one of your posts, nice to meet you.
    The narrator of Number 3 reminds me of the narrator in The Great Gatsby – since, you know, Nick tells the reader of Gatsby’s life – we had to read it last year for English class.
    I would definitely read Past Lives if you ever got on to writing it, so keep me updated on that one if you can 🙂

    • Nice to meet you too! *shakes your hand* That’s an interesting point for number 3…I did think the narrator in The Great Gatsby was a really unique way of telling the story. I will keep things updated on my blog whatever I write, don’t worry 🙂

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