How to Conquer Your TBR (includes awesome pictures)

Today you guys are going to learn how to conquer your TBR. It’s a very mountainous trek. We’ll need lots of chocolate along the way.

Step 1: find your TBR. 

Here’s mine:



Well, okay, it’s not my WHOLE pile. Those are just the ones I want to read soon-ish. But for simplicity we’ll just say this is my whole TBR (you’ll find out very soon that this isn’t the case).

Step 2: organise a rainbow book stack. That will help you with making it more organised. 

CAM00008See? Now your TBR looks a lot smaller and more manageable. Of course, this is a lie, but it’s a nice lie.

Step 3: create a book tower. This way you know precisely how many books you need to read. 


On second thoughts you may not be able to put ALL your TBR books in a stack – mine toppled over a few times so I had to take some out. And actually, this just makes me more panicked about HOW MANY BOOKS I SHOULD BE READING. Okay, maybe skip this step.

Step 4: balance some of these books on your head. You might absorb the stories through your brain. 


Absorbing…absorbing…hmm. This isn’t working as well as I thought.

Step 5: get slightly worried because they’re beginning to tip. 


That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is my Face of Terror. See that arm, flung out by my side? That’s my Panic Arm. Nothing worse than books about to fall.


CAM00037(and apparently you should close your eyes when this happens, so that you don’t have to see the HORROR of this accident. Also, don’t balance books on your head if you have zero co-ordination skills. It’s just not a good idea)

Step 7: apologise to your books for dropping them. Apply bandages where necessary. 


*Not many books were harmed in the making of this post. But they did look quite sad afterwards.

Step 8: spread some of your books out on the floor. Maybe you can choose which ones to read next and put them in some kind of order. 


My precioussssss books…which seem to all be upside down. Oh well, use your imagination. You’re readers, you should have one.

Step 9: make some book marriages. For example…


This one reads: How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You – Side Effects May Vary. You see? They go WELL together!


This one says Rebel Butter. I’m not sure how butter can be rebellious but I would totally read that book.


This one is Unspoken Letters to the Dead. Oh, and by the way, Cait from Notebook Sisters got me Love Letters to the Dead for my birthday – HOW NICE IS THAT? Thanks, Cait ❤

Step 10: just read the things, for goodness’ sakes. 


(Why is my hand a pterodactyl claw? Do I normally read like that? I’m now questioning my entire existence. Also, this book is very good so far. )

So there you are, everyone! How to conquer your TBR in 10 easy steps. If you guys are really dedicated you could take photos of your own books/trying to balance them, because that would be kind of awesome…but no pressure!

Also, you would not believe how long it took me to get halfway-decent photos of book-balancing. I am VERY bad at it. My poor books.

How do you tackle your TBR?


34 thoughts on “How to Conquer Your TBR (includes awesome pictures)

  1. N’aww, you’re welcome. See your TBR looks way too small SO I needed to help add to it. By the way, can this post be filled with anymore awesome? I think I should try balancing books on my head to absorb them that way. Because, I’ve had books on reserve in the library for AGES and suddenly they’ve all come in and I’m mildly panicking at my giant TBR. Noooooo…I NEED TO READ FASTER.
    (PS. Just finished Dante and Aristotle, and omg, I am so so so loving that book. I didn’t think I’d adore it this much. I TRUST YOU FOREVER.)

    • I know, right? Look at that tiiiiiny book stack! It’s weird how books seem to all come in one big block. Like, surprise! And then other weeks I don’t get any. They should be more consistent.

      I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKED ARISTOTLE AND DANTE. Told you I have good judgement 🙂

  2. This was such a funny post! Luckily, I don’t have too big of a physical TBR stack-that is my non-Goodreads TBR list-because I try to control how many books I take out/reserve at the library and I haven’t started requesting ARCs yet. However, if I am ever faced with the task of reading my way through a huge TBR list, I will be sure to arm myself with chocolate and ice cream. Ice cream is way too underrated in my opinion. I haven’t seen anyone mention the need for ice cream in blog posts concerning writing a novel, running a race, or slogging through a TBR list.

  3. BAHAHA Emily I love this step by step post. There are just too many books in this world and not enough time. Gosh, I wish we could just absorb all the stories by putting books on our heads.

    Awesome post, girly! <33

  4. Nice post! I put my TBRs on a shelf and I forget about them. If I’m bored enough the book will find its way into my hand, if it doesn’t it wasn’t meant to be.

  5. Hahaha, this was hilarious, Emily! My TBR pile is humongous, though, and I think my head would be squished by the weight, but I love this idea 🙂 In the end, we shouldn’t take our TBR pile seriously and don’t dread it, especially the sight of so many books that still need to be consumed. Just read whatever. In fact, just read.

    Awesome and fun post!

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

  6. What a great post – because let’s face it – we all have this problem. There should be a group called ‘Too many TBR Anonymous’ or something….Anyway, I usually sort mine into review copies in a pile as they are on the blog calendar and then the others which I have bought and still need to read are hiding among the others on the shelf. Sometimes I’ll write lists, but usually I just try to see what I feel like getting stuck into next! 🙂

    • I know, right? There should be a support group for us. 😛 Sorting the review copies into piles is a good idea – I’m going to have to start keeping track of when they come out, because I’ve had SO many review copies lately. Usually I just pick one from the review pile or, if I have a bit of spare time, one that I’ve been wanting to read for ages 🙂

  7. Hahaha, this was an awesome post! 😀 Made me laugh. I pretty much tackle my TBR list by either a) seeing what has to go back to the library first, or b) just whatever the hell I feel like. 😛 I do try to read books I’ve received for review and whatnot first, but usually it’s what I’m in the mood for. I generally leave books I’ve bought for last.

    I am soooo excited for DOROTHY MUST DIE, though. I got a copy of it the other day, and it’s been sitting on my shelf, imploring me to read it. Thank god the holidays are very soon…

    • Thanks, Kara! I’m so happy about that! Ohh, I do the library book thing too. For my school it’s two weeks, and three for the local library – those are always first. And then it’s review books, and then yeah, books I’ve bought for myself.

      I CANNOT WAIT TO READ DOROTHY MUST DIE!!!! One more day of school….I can’t wait 🙂

  8. If only tackling my tbr was as easy as this. Love this post! Twas so very true and outright hilarious. *Confession* I admit to apologizing to books too. Yes, I am normal…. somewhat… maybe… ok fine, a tiny bit. Great post!

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  10. Haha!!! Such a brilliant post, I can’t stop laughing. I own over 150 books I haven’t read yet, not sure they would stack well but maybe I should try 😉 I would probably be even worse at balancing books on my head, but I don’t think I am brave enough to try because I’d be scared to damage them, haha. I love the book pairings.

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  12. This is fantastic! And so, so true. I do the same thing- move books around on the bookshelf, turn them back in forth in my hand (to, you know, get “a feeling”). Ultimately, I assign them all a number and go to and let them choose for me. Sometimes I go with it (thanks for telling me to read Shadow and Bone, random!) and sometimes I get mad at their selection and pick again 😉

  13. Ahahaha omg I love this post so much! Honestly, these things would probably actually help me. I just get a kick out of silly things like this haha! My TBR pile looks pretty similar to yours right now so high five! 😀

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