Stacking the Shelves – Faking It (!!!), A Poster and Secret Santa


Stacking the Shelves is a book meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It’s all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual.

The Books…and a Poster


So we came home from shopping to find a massive tube and two books on the front door-step…this was Saturday, so obviously the postpeople are trying to get everything delivered before Christmas! Anyway, I wasn’t expecting it at ALL, but I now have a lovely Spark poster to go up there with my ones of TFIOS and Maggie Stevens from Disruption and Corruption.

Thanks to the poster fairies (aka Walker Books) for this beauty!

CAM00532 CAM00533


As soon as I saw that I had a book from HarperCollins, I was like…can it be??? CAN IT BE??

AND IT WAS. Faking It looks absolutely gorgeous, and by the time this post goes up I’ll probably have finished it. It’s awesome so far. Josie gets up to some awesome shenanigans yet again.



And this one’s from my Secret Santa! Thanks so much, Santa! I have a good idea of who it is, actually, based on some clues for their Secret Santa blog hop. But I’m not saying anything just yet. So yeah, my cat commandeered this one.

LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL PURPLE COVER, THOUGH!! My sister informed me that I could read Faking It and she was reading Shadow and Bone. Not asked, informed. She’s just bossy like that.

Oh, and CAM00548[1]I also cut my hair.

Yep, my life is so boring right now that I’m sharing even the most banal details. But I have short, bouncy hair now, and I’d forgotten how curly it is when it’s that short!

Anyway, feast your eyes on this beauty, people, because it’s a rare selfie. My sister tried to talk to me about proper phone-holding technique and “selfie lighting” but…whatever.


Coming up on the blog next week is some very exciting stuff!

It’s what I’m calling “Past and Future Book Week,” where I’ll be talking about my most anticipated 2015 releases, some favourites from this year and lots more – plus, December’s Loony Blurbs will be posted up! So that’s exciting.

And some of you have noticed the snow falling across the blog, which doesn’t seem to work with the underwater theme, but hey, this isn’t the Loony Teen Writer for nuthin’.

Anyone else’s postman coming at strange hours?



31 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves – Faking It (!!!), A Poster and Secret Santa

  1. Ohhh, I thought you were talking about the TV show Faking It! Which I have yet to watch. But anyway. I was confused for a second.

    Ehehe, is that another cat-with-a-book photo? 😀 IT’S SO FLUFFY. (The cat, that is. But The Monster Book of Monsters from HP was fuzzy, wasn’t it?)

    Aw, you’re so cute! Although you don’t have red hair. Why did I imagine you with red hair?!?!

    Underwater snow. ^-^ I love it.

    • Is that a TV show? Maybe I’ll watch and read at the same time.

      Haha, yes, my cats like my books quite a lot. And he is VERY fluffy 😛

      Thank you ❤ My hair looks more red in some light than others, but it's strawberry blonde-ish for the most part 😛

      Hey, the amount of weird things on Spongebob…it totally works.

  2. I got a surprise yesterday too to find mail on my doorstep – it doesn’t usually happen on weekends, but the poster looks fantastic! (Now I just need to put mine up in my room somewhere…) I can’t wait to start reading Faking It after my exams are over, it’ll be a great read to award myself with I think 🙂 The snow is a nice touch – who says it has to make sense here? (it *totally* works with the water theme in a strange yet amazing way) Enjoy all your new books and can’t wait to see what you think of Josie Browning’s latest adventures!

  3. My postman hasn’t come for like weeks. *sniffles* Which is aaaactually probably a good thing because my TBR is highly unmanageable at the moment, but it still feels WEIRD with no mail! Ahhhh. I suppose the postie’s just do weird things around this time of year?!! I remember last year getting a package on a Sunday. um. WEIRD.
    ohhhh, you’re Gabrielle Tozer books look AWESOME. AND YOU HAVE A RED INTERN. OH HOW COOOOOL.
    And very adorable selfie. 😉 I….I never selfie. But I cut my hair this time last year after having it to my hips for like all my life…and suddenly it was curly. 0.0 so strange. Your cut is so nice!!

    • That’s very sad, Cait. Before yesterday, I hadn’t done a Stacking the Shelves in a whole MONTH, so I know how you feel 😛 That just goes against Harry Potter, though. ‘No post on Sundays…unless it’s Christmas season and everyone’s buying stuff for each other so they have to work overtime.’ Not quite the same ring.

      FAKING IT’S SO GOOD. But then, you didn’t love The Intern…well, anyway, FAKING IT’S SO GOOD 😀

      Hahah I don’t selfie very often. I end up hating it and deleting it all. Isn’t it WEIRD cutting your hair?? Mine was waist-length and I’m not used to it…erm, not getting caught on everything 😛

  4. I love the snow theme Emily, it’s very festive and a great touch! OMG YOUR SECRET SANTA book is so beautiful, I haven’t seen that purple cover before. I haven’t read Faking It or The Intern yet but I want to after hearing what you’ve said about it. Those posters are beautiful!

  5. Everyone in the Sydney area seems to be getting post on the weekend lately! We haven’t had any weekend mail down here, rather, our postie has been coming earlier! He usually comes between 12:30 and 1:30, but lately he’s been dropping off the post at 10:30, which I find very strange considering the holiday season…maybe his route has changed or something…hmm.

    I love your red copy of The Intern! So beautiful!! I really need to read that! I’m glad you’re enjoying Faking It so far. 😀 I need to read Spark and Shadow and Bone! I love your addition – so beautiful! I think I’ve guessed your SS, too! 😉 I love your cat, also, as always. And your hair is so cute! I am so sick of my hair, but I don’t know what to do with it…

    Looking forward to your past and future posts next week, lovely. 🙂 AND, I DO LOVE THE SNOW THEME. I’m a bit torn on it myself, though…I love it, but I don’t know if I want to add it to my blog as it’s Summer here and I JUST DON’T KNOW…decisions, decisions.

    • I know, it’s weird! We normally get mail while I’m at school, but every so often he turns up when I’m still in my PJs…awkward.

      Oh mannnn, The Intern is so good, you need to read it!!! I love that the clues from my Secret Santa involved the colour yellow. Haha. I was sick of my hair too – hence the chopping. 🙂

      Yeah, that was my dilemma…I think of the snow as preparing for my trip to England 🙂

  6. OOOH, I can’t wait to see what you think of Faking It — I loved the first one so I hope the second will be just as good. That cover for Shadow and Bone is *gorgeous*. I quite enjoyed all three books of that series, but then again I’ll love pretty much anything that’s a high fantasy. 😀 YOUR HAIRCUT IS SO GREAT. It really does suit you. I absolutely *dread* going to the hairdressers, even though it’s much easier to manage when it’s short. Mine is just so awfully thick and frizzy and wavy and urgh. 😛

    • IT’S SO GOOD KARA OH MY GOODNESS!!! And yep, I do love a good purple cover (haven’t got many, actually). Hopefully I enjoy them 🙂

      Thank you! It feels so much better than all that dead hair 😛 Mine goes frizzy sometimes too. I need a lot of hairspray to keep it tamed.

  7. You’re so pretty, your hair looks really nice! I have really long hair and I can’t imagine cutting it. The Intern and Faking It looks SO GOOD – just added it to my TBR. Also, your cat is adorable!

  8. Oh the adventures of the post office. My man and I (LOL) are getting quite personal. He knocks at 9pm. Jeez, some people are trying to sleep. I LOVE THE MINTY GREEN OF FAKING IT. FINGERS CROSSED FOR THAT ONE.

    AND I HOPE YOU LOVE SHADOW AND BONE BECAUSE I DO. HAHAHA I kid. But seriously. Devour it. Enjoy it. Let it take over your life. AND YOUR HAIR IS THE HAIR THAT I WANT. If I cut my hair short it’d just lie lifeless. I WANT CURRRRRLS

    • Hahaha the adventures of Jess and the postman. Postman Jess, Postman Jess…I’ll stop now. WHAT? NINE O CLOCK? THAT’S CRAZY. Mmm minty green. How nice is it??

      I cannot WAIT to read it…once my sister’s done lol. Haha. Curls can be irritating though if they go frizzy. I want straight hair 😛

  9. Ahh I love your hair, girl! It looks lovely 😀

    OMG YES! I got a book from Amazon today and it’s Sunday…which was a nice surprise. I was totally freaking out from the awesomeness–yes, I suppose they are trying to send everything before x-mas. What lovely postpeople. I hope Faking It is good, Em! I’ve yet to read book 1, and I’ll need to fix that soon, I suppose xD

    Have a fantastic week, girl! <33

  10. I’m heard such awesome things about the Intern, and I am hoping to read it soon. The cover is beautiful, though. Those posters are also cool, and OH MY GOSH, SHADOW & BONE IS SO PRETTY IN PURPLE. Your haircut looks great, though. I’ve always wanted curly hair.

  11. Haha snow underwater must be doing wonders to the fish (and that one bookworm)! What beautiful books (Faking It looks gorgeous!). Your hair is on point, hmm…I have long hair (I had short hair when I was a little kid, but as you grow older you grow your hair out. It’s a South-Asian thing). I really want to cut my hair but it doesn’t compliment me at all, unless I go all the way with a fringe and everything! Plus I like having up-dos with long hair. 😀

  12. PRETTY POSTERS. And yeah, around Christmas the large parcels postie starts coming on Saturdays which is pretty much the best thing ever because it means only ONE day of not receiving books so my life is obviously 100% better for it.

    SHADOW AND BONE. Goodness, I love that purple cover, hey. I hope you like the Darkling .. I mean the book! It really is fantabulous and the Darkling is just *screams*

    A haircut! WOO. I haven’t cut off more than about 10cm in five years. ;D

  13. I absolutely LOVE the snow! I want snow for mine too *shakes fist* screw you blogger, good for nothing Google.

    Em, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair cut! It’s super cute and flirty! You know now you’re going to have guys knocking down your door. My goodness, even I want to stroke your hair, it looks so incredibly soft!

    Enough of me being creepy, don’t you just love that poster! I was thinking what the hell, when the postie came today. I wondered what Walker had sent me. I love Rach, she’s just so fabulous! And Faking It! Nice score. I bought The Intern a while ago, and plan on reading it as part of my summer reading list.

    Thanks for sharing Em, and love the hair! ❤

    • Bloody Blogger. Good for nothing 😛 And then there’s WordPress 🙂

      THANKS KELSSSSS. I already had boys banging down my door. Now it’s just double-time 🙂 And don’t worry, all my friends have stroked my hair today…bit weird 😛

      I KNOW, we saw the tube from the car, and my mum was just like, “Em, what have they sent you now?” Lol. Rach is so awesome 🙂


  14. I got a parcel delivered on Saturday too, and I think you’re right, they are just trying to deal with all the mail this time of year.
    I read Shadow and Bone recently and really loved it, hope you do too.
    And your hair cut looks really good 🙂

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